Today on everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast:

In THC’s monthly Joint Sessions, Greg Carlwood takes calls from listeners while drinkin a little drink and smokin a little smoke.

Big thanks to for their cover of the THC theme song!

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19 responses to “Audience Call-In Joint Session – Feb 2019 (updated)”

  1. I have someone in Discord wanting a phone number to call in- they have bad wifi and would prefer to call- are you utilising the phone in function this time?

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  2. Please in reference to Mars explore Joseph Skippers extensive analysis under the still operational “Mars anomaly Research” web page. Mr skipper is no longer with us but his years and essays are well archived ; as his site is still up and maintained. Under menu by category the sections Civilization evidence is stellar as well as a sequential photo analysis of “Mars moving evidence”. I think you will find perhaps Mars is not dead with piles of rocks. But you never know considering …. the secrecy types!

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  3. Killer joint session Carlwood…Please, someone tell me they caught Martian dropping his prior Townships and was like, “I gotta hear more!” That kat spoke like an intelligence officer and you know what, we all need to conduct ourselves in that way. I propose we all start holding each other accountable for “Bringing It.” – salute

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    • Unfortunately I can’t. I wouldn’t have any indication who would want to opt in or out, and I just don’t want to annoy those who don’t want it, but it’s always on the 20th or 25th of the month @ 7pm pst. In March it will be the 20th!

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  4. This was an excellent Joint sessions. I always seem to miss them as well, thank you for uploading them to plus. When it was wrapping up the synchronicity was getting so thick. Applause to you Mr. Carlwood and the two guests!!

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  5. Awesome! Finally found the joint sessions. I’m too stoked to know when this happens now. These guys definitely had their chops about them and it makes me want to get my Nevada lore on lock for next month.

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