In the latest episode of The Higherside Chats, Greg Carlwood welcomes hollow earth and growing earth enthusiast Rick Osmon. Rick has studied Lazer and Electro-Optics Technology, worked for the US Navy and as a defense contractor, authored “Graves of the Golden Bear”, is a regular columnist for “Ancient American”,  and above all a researcher of the strange and unusual alternatives of history, archaeology, cryptozoology and more.

If knowledge is power, join Greg as he attempts to level up. As we all know, the nefarious powers that be, altar science and history to fit the narrative and paradigm they’ve carefully crafted brick by brick. With the truth thoroughly obscured, Rick helps tear down the walls surrounding ideas of a Hollow Earth and pre-Columbus Civilization in ancient history of North America, in order to rebuild a complete paradigm.

1:50 Join Greg and Rick Osmon as the head straight to the core for a chat about the Hollow Earth.  As with other similar theories, Rick explains that there is, in fact, a void in the inner Earth, due to the gravitational field of the Earth, at that point going outward not inward. Using mathematics to support his calculation for this void, Rick clarifies using gravitational wave theory and our accepted belief that mass is the source of gravity. Listen as Rick elaborates on some of the most recent experiments including a dig conducted by Russia approximately 14 km down known as the Kola Borehole. Rick also touches on the theory presented by Dr. Maxlow and found in the work of Neil Adams that eludes to the possibility of a growing planet.
9:00 Greg expands on this Growing Earth theory as Rick explains the intricacies of the black/white hole pair. Einstein-Rosen bridge helps to better explain the transition of matter and anti-matter through a collider, and the release of newly acquired, highly energetic matter. Is the earth expanding?
14:50 Listen as Rick helps Greg understand the implications associated with bestowing this wealth of gravitational energy knowledge upon the public. With current energy sources being wielded as weapons against the masses, ruining our environment, creating massive global unrest, and depleting the public of their resources with skyrocketing prices, it’s no wonder why this information has been buried.
24:00 Greg and Rick discuss the Edmond Halley’s theory of the Hollow Earth dating back to the 1690s. Listen as the continue on the road of a respected scientist with Hollow Earth hypotheses to the next pit stop with the work of Leonhard Euler. On another stop along the road, Rick details references of the Hollow Earth found throughout works of popular literature from likes of Jules Verne, the Pellucidar series, and Gilgamesh.
31:00 While many questions regarding the size and habitability of the inner Earth void still exist, listen along as they discuss the possible reality of an underground civilization and the stories Rick finds most compelling including Norway’s The Smoky God.  They also touch on the Macushi, a tribe located near Ecuador and Brazil who possess a tribal memory of being the gate keepers of the gateway to the center of the Earth. Continue as the give a nod the translations Dean Dominic Delucia and explore the ancient legends of many tribes tracing their origins to the inner Earth.
44:42 Greg inquiries with Rick about his time spent in the service and if it was able to offer any significant insights into what if anything the world governments know.
50:00 Because no Hollow Earth discussion is complete without the mention of Admiral Byrd (no real hollow earth pictures here folks), Greg Carlwood, and Rick tackle the topic head on. It is Rick’s contention that at least one of the Admiral’s expeditions was funded by the Rockefeller machine, casting a dark shadow over what exactly was discovered and who was able to benefit.
57:50 Moving on from the Hollow Earth, Greg and Rick focus their attention on pre-Columbus America as they attempt to reconstruct the history. With Native American folklore alluding to several waves of immigration to the continent, we can begin to understand the alternative pre-Columbus history. Using archaeological clues coupled with the Solutrean hypothesis, we can start to build a better picture of how early global migrations occurred.
1:01:00 Navigation was a pertinent piece of the travel puzzle. On an island off the coast of Greece, an ancient artifact known as the Antikythera was discovered. Used as an ancient mechanical navigational device, the discovery of such an advanced tool helps dispel conventional wisdom and give credence to the argument that civilization was more advanced and travel may have been more prevalent.
1:06:00 Listen as Greg and Rick examine the ancient techniques used by tribes for communication throughout North and South America and the Caribbeans. Artifacts found in the native cultures including the Olmec indicate a vast point-to-point light based line of sight communications network.
1:13:00 Rick offers Greg some insight into what may lay beneath the surface of the surface of the 116 mounds associated with Cahokia Mounds. They also examine an array of massive structures found throughout the world that even by today’s standards are consider architectural feats.
1:20:52 Greg and Rick discuss the various places scattered throughout the US where one may be able to stumble upon an undiscovered treasure. From the hunt for Spanish treasure deep in the Rockies, the lost treasure of Montezuma, the legend of the White Lake, Piankashaw’s and the buried silver, and of course the Burrow’s Cave Saga, one can only imagine what still remains undiscovered.
1:27:00 The Burrow’s Saga is one that is too important to not revisit. Greg and Rick discuss the possibility of chasing theories to the ground and the complications that make that more difficult. What lies ahead or beneath, no one knows.
1:33:42 Many ancient civilizations relied on their extensive knowledge of mysticism, lore, and magic to survive. With a deeply rooted belief in their traditions and practices, the use of magic was pervasive in many native tribes.  Listen as Rick details an account of this mysticism on display.
1:41:00 Listen as they discuss why maintaining the false narrative of the Columbus discovery is pertinent to the elites shadowy agenda.
1:43:30 The Smithsonian has an agenda and acts as the gatekeepers of hidden knowledge involving the existence of giants.

Want more Rick Osmon? Check out his work here. Find Rick on Youtube and Facebook. You can also find Rick’s writings in  “Ancient American” where you can purchase tickets to hear him live at his upcoming conference.

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