Greg Carlwood joins Conspiracies Now to discuss the murky waters of conspiracies!

Big thanks to for their cover of the THC theme song!

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12 responses to “Plus Bonus: Sam Tripoli’s Conspiracies Now w/ guest Greg Carlwood”

  1. It came up twice in this talk… ‘staying below the threshold’. In my personal mind, I caught the gist of a reveal – an interesting system which I have always been aware of (subconsciously). Podcasting and information review should probably stay below the threshold – as a presentation of a mere hand full of seeds. The actual planting and growing of those seeds remains an activity for the consciousness of the viewers, as the free exchange of information among commenters who traverse across platforms and communities.

    “Weaving spiders come not here” = “Don’t challenge the engineering of the gods” = “Minor engineers not welcome”. One could say these statements ultimately surmise the meaning of ‘copyright’ (in the deepest sense).

    I was once told that there is no place you can stand on the earth where there is not a spider at least 3 ft away from your physical person. They don’t get squashed or eaten because their activities remain unchecked and unseen. Their defiance of the god’s ensnaring designs, and experimentation with weaving worlds, goes unnoticed by the gods – and thus present an unseen defiance of the gods (welcome or not).

    Cheers Greg… your contributions to free navigation of synchronicities are greatly appreciated.

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  2. You’re like a mentor to me at this point man. Although I’m older than you I would be down if you called me bud.

    Well done my friend well done. Keep doing what you’re doing bro!!! Love it. Inspiring attitude mixed with fring thinking!

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