Conspiracy researcher, Olav Phillips joins THC to discuss his visit to the legendary UFO hotspot- the ECETI Ranch, and the far-reaching topics of his new book, The Secret Space Age, which looks at the programs outlined in the old Alternative 3 documentary, and examines just how accurate and connected they are. Things like geoengineering, chemtrails, underground bases, space platforms, depopulation programs, bases on the moon & Mars, and a lot of other interesting pieces to this freaky puzzle.

In the Plus show we talk about the evidence that Nazi’s might have escaped to Antarctica and later, off planet. We look at the iconography of crashed UFOs, aspects of abductions, and more to make the case that maybe these things are at least in part, related to escaped Nazi’s and the modern advancements on their technologies. We also discuss their fascination with the occult and how it effected their experimental projects and technologies as well.

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