Eureka! So the new forum is now open. We still have a few kinks to work out, but let me tell you what you need to know to get back in the forum game.

-As I understand it, your THC username should be your login. If that doesn’t work, try the email you signed up for THC+ with.

-Passwords for THC+ do not port over. It’s a way more robust system, and basically a new system of its own. For your first login, you’ll need to navigate to the forum, put in your username/email and click “Forgot Password” and one should be emailed to you.

-Your forum login will continue to work, even if your THC+ expires. Bonus!

-A lot of the ported threads currently have an issue of the first, initial post not showing up. He’s working on that. I’m glad we didn’t have to start from scratch, but we need those first posts for the threads to make sense.

Please post any questions/issues/concerns in the comments here so I can get them over to the programmer while I still got em. Thanks! 

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26 responses to “New Forum Now Open!”

  1. Logged into the new forum and things seem to be working okay.

    I see that in the new forum, messages have become, ”conversations,” and my conversations area is empty, while my previous messages are still here and available with my original Plus login.

    Well, that’s the report with just a quick peek in.

    My only concern is with the permanent access to anyone who coughs up five bucks one time. The forum, as it was, was quite respectful in how users interacted. No overt flame wars to be seen. This is rare in my forum experience. I don’t need the shit disturbers where I want serious discourse. I hope we can police ourselves, but it may turn into a monster if the complex‘s multi-login professionals take a bunch of seats at the table. I’ve seen some pretty good sites go to shit, starting in the mid ’90s, because a politically motivated faction showed up and crashed the party. I have never been in Flakebook, but from what I hear, it could be a case in point.

    And so, good luck to us.



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    • Well the issue was the BuddyPress system/forum, it’s not that great but it’s free. Most of that data is in the BuddyPress profile, so it’s going to be gone pretty soon. Think of the THC+ forum as a whole new system, but it’s a lot more robust and won’t slow the main site down because it’s hosted separately. Might just take some getting used to.

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  2. Many years ago before AboveTopSecret was over run with trolls and idiots, forum users earned a WayAboveTopSecret score which was a simple multiple of stars received for thoughtful responses to ongoing threads and flags new threads received by users.

    Stories would naturally rise to the top of categories and eventually to front page based on flags.

    I would give far more credence to members with high WATS scores and to a lesser extent their join date. I was in top 200 till I got banned for pointing out trolls were hacking ancient avatars to avoid being judged.

    It was an excellent system. If you know any top notch programmers, I could explain a way to convert forum user data into an extremely informative graphic user interface. Head of AI at MIT said it could revolutionize how we interact. I’m a biochemist not IT dude

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  3. I don’t get email notifications about forum activities despite ticking the boxes.

    And also I get a repeated error message when trying to start a conversation with someone. Will keep trying.

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  4. I like the new look to the forum. I am titled as just a “Member” so if you I am guessing I have no moderation abilities. I thought I would mention it in case you still wanted me in as a moderator. Looking forward to the new system and advancements. Thanks, Greg, for putting the time, effort and money in to the new forum. :o)

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  5. I have been trying to use the forum to sort out the issues I am having. I am wondering if I am the only one having them, such as, no tool bar in the post dialog boxes, and I can’t send a response to a private message I received. I changed my Preferences and it says the changes are saved, but nothing really changes and when I go back to Preferences and look, my saved change has reverted back to how it was before the attempted change.

    Is there a qualified geek in the house?

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  6. I’m a writer/filmmaker — you can check out my books at Amazon (350 reviews, average 5 stars) by plugging my name in the search (‘allan weisbecker). You can see one of my films (free) at
    I also blog. My current one was inspired by Greg’s last interview with Crrow, so it might be of interest here. It’s at:
    Comments welcome, of course. (I don’t know how to start a new thread here)

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    • (I don’t know how to start a new thread here)

      This is not the new forum. This was the announcement of it (and is also being used as an aid in troubleshooting any issues with the new version from outside of it).

      Click on “Forum” in the upper right hand corner of this page to get there.

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    • Halfway through your movie, brother. I am just a year older than you, saw much the same history, drew similar conclusions.

      Thank you for your attention.

      I don’t like being thanked for my service, as I saw that I had been duped to be in that illegal war (but one of many more to come). I began to figure that out before my enlistment’s active duty ran its course.

      I have to get back outside to take advantage of a rare sunny day here in the PNW coastal hills, but I will look forward to finishing your film and hope we will be talking in that new forum soon.



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      • Finished Water Time. Great work there, Allan. I myself went nutz when I learned about Secord, Singlaub, North, et. al., and their little heroin smuggling business. The gang of doubters I tried tackling included my congresscritters. It was about as effective as pissin’ up a rope. I gave ‘er Hell for a lot of years and you could say I burned out. I think I started feeling better when I gave up hope. Now, I couldn’t be happier, because I stopped making deals with the world for being happy. Now I’m happy first, and the world’s out there doing its shit, as always.

        All the reams of printout, the audio and video tape documentation, I fed to my reps went right into the shitter, for all the changes it made. Going to be 70 in three weeks. I figured out that the stories are just stories, and I am not a story. I am what sees the stories passing by. I found out the peace is inside, here and now, whatever the Hell’s going on out there around the universe.

        Thanks for posting your movie. I enjoyed it, and you, immensely. Glad to have met you here.



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        • Satya,

          sorry for the delay here — I lost track of my little post and didn’t figure anyone responded to it. I just turned 69 and can certainly identify with your situation (but you knew this via water time). I’m on the verge of completely giving up any sort of quest for how the world really works. there is so much disinformation we are being bombarded with…. i enjoy greg’s show, for example, but i strongly suspect something is not quite right here. i do a blog once in a while and recently have examined various alt media figures, including greg (and crrow):

          As a former lifelong sailor (among other oddball activities — see my books), I know from personal experience that the earth is a sphere, via celestial navigation. Anyone who really looks into the subject (by actually going to the beach and watching ships disappear, for example), knows this also. For a ‘public figure’ to promote FE means one of two things: he/she is either completely deluded/dumb as a box of rocks or is being paid to spread disinformation.

          I think what I have to do is go your route to happiness: give up hope. (if you want to get in touch, best use my blog page. I’m just going to piss people off here, I suspect.)

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