Today, Greg Carlwood hosts Mike Sententia In the most recent installment of everyone’s favorite fringe podcast. Spelling it out for us on his popular website, Magick of Thought, Sententia has been working on one of the most straightforward and practical brand of magick appropriately dubbed “Direct Magick”

We’ve seen the pattern of powerful people belonging to various groups that utilize magick & the magical arts, and covered through the course of multiple shows some of these magical practices. Today we attempt to even the scales once again, expand our knowledge base and add these esoteric tools to our repertoire. With the help of today’s guest, we are able approach this topic with ease as he breaks down the barriers and helps create accessibility for the common folk. So throw off the silly robes and get ready as they step outside the traditional rituals and explore the underlying phenomenon hidden deep in the belly of the beast.

2:00 Join Greg and Mike as they use the science and mechanisms behind real magick to take a closer look at what the moving pieces are and how can we work with them directly to produce the results we are looking for. The common practice among most modalities involves using ritual to create a symbolic action as a technique for engaging the unconscious mind to communicate intent to it. The focus of Direct Magick is the process that lays beyond conveying intent, and connecting to the unconscious. By implementing this modality and awakening our ethereal muscles, we can begin to refine and guide our unconscious, leading to better and more effective results.
8:15 Listen as Greg and Mike discuss the journey from magick as an abstract interest to the cultivation of a set of skills that is not only reliable, but useful and effective. Mike explains that through his approach to magick, we can begin to better understand the mechanism behind magical experiences known as ethereal software, which is the force that responds to a person’s intent.
21:45 The term ethereal software is essentially the mechanism that spirit’s use to help with our requests. Whilst the terminology ethereal software may be new, it is derived from and expands on ancient practices like Chaos Magic and it’s use of egregores and servitors, or external forces that magick channel for help.
31:00 Establishing lasting, reliable, and meaningful relationships with entities can be challenging. Listen as Mike gives Greg his advice on the best steps one can take to begin building a line of communication such as quieting the mind, incorporating sensory connections, and engaging with the ethereal muscles.
38:30 Greg and Mike discuss the evolution of a relationship with an entity and exactly what that may look like. From contacting random spirits using ethereal software, to moving beyond over time and connecting with a spirit who specializes in communication, Mike details his experience for listeners. Mike also helps offer insight into what implications this has on a spiritual level, how this has molded his paradigm, and what the reality of these spirits may include.
49:10 The Healing Lab has made it it’s mission to develop a scientific understanding of energy healing,energy medications and exploring aberrations that can’t be explained using mainstream science. Energy healing, otherwise known as biofield healing, studies have been conducted and show significant results supporting the existence of this phenomena.
1:01:00 Greg and Mike discuss the limitations of energy healing by distinguishing the limits given today’s technology, as well as ultimate fundamental limits. Mike contends that energy healing either accelerates or slows cellular processes, and can be utilized to help subtly increase or decrease these processes in various tissues or organs. However, as Mike asserts, limitations are inherent as this could never replace surgery.
1:12:00 Listen as Greg and Mike get more into energy psychology as they discuss the type of visualizations that can best help facilitate an erotic energy exchange. Beginning with an energy meditation to communicate intent to unconscious mind, building energy and visualizing light distributed throughout the body are all consider useful techniques.
1:16:00 Luck be damned, Greg and Mike tackle this topic next. Using one part confidence, one part follow through we may be able to create our own luck after all, or at least help to tip the scale in our favor without any added outside help. But for those of us, who still need luck, Mike breaks down the most important pieces of the puzzle needed to cultivate luck, break through resistance, and created the much needed confidence.
1:23:00 Greg and Mike help to clarify the best language to use when asking for help from entities. Simplifying the request and using positive emotion, can help the transmission and intent be understood and conveyed better to help produce the desired results.
1:29:00 Listen as Greg and Mike discuss effective techniques for manifesting inspired by AI research. Eliezer Yudkowsky, an AI researcher, examines the idea of requesting something from an AI and it’s consideration of possibilities never ever thought of by humans, sometimes with unexpected and undesired results. As Mark continues to explain, manifesting software can be a complex system that needs refining through detailed questions due to non-human logic.
1:34:42 Continuing on the path, Greg and Mike explore sigils, and the idea that sigils may be how to draw down ethereal software into a form you can concentrate on. As Mark explains, a sigil is a drawing that has ethereal software tied to it, whereas a symbol is an image that speaks to our unconscious.
1:46:10 Listen as Greg and Mike analyze magick in a historical context. The ever-growing umbrella of magick historically encompassed anything and all thing we didn’t understand. Mike convincingly makes the case that in order for magick to become a real science, we must first identify and eliminate other phenomena, in order to isolate the ethereal leftovers for better examination.

Want more Mike Sententia? Maybe You’re interested in Magick and energy healing ? Check out his work here.  Find Mike on Facebook and Twitter. Also, check out the Healing Lab, to sty up-to-date on their current research.

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