Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he hosts Mary Joyce. A long time journalist and author who has written several books including, “Cherokee Little People Were Real” and“Underground Military Bases Hidden in the North Carolina Mountains”, Mary is also editor of the website Skyships Over Cashiers, which among other things, details the latest UFO sightings in the area.

Many of us who have waded deep into the weird forest have inevitably come across stories of aliens, UFOs, and secret military bases in the southwestern United States. Whether it be crashed saucers in Roswell, secret underground other worldly battles at Dulce, or a doomsday safe haven for the elite underneath the Denver airport, the western frontier is ripe with weirdness. Digging into the archives of early America, there is plenty of evidence giants once walked these lands, government disclosure of aliens, the most recent UFO sightings and confirmation found throughout dozens and dozens of newspaper reports and Native American legends that state the same.

While many people have their spotlight shining on the New Mexico Desert, they’re missing all the sweet, similarly secretive stuff going on in the polar opposite of the country, the mountains of North Carolina. And while giants dominate the narrative of other ancient humanoids, the lesser discussed legends of the little people living throughout the Carolina hills continues to persist. Listen as Greg and Mary take a complete 180 to discuss the legends and lore that are prominent throughout this region.

2:20 Listen as Greg and Mary begin by giving some geographical context to the particular area under discussion. Mary details her initiation into the weird world of Secret Military Bases, UFO, and giants and how this led to the creation of her website Skyships Over Cashiers.
3:25 Opening Pandora’s box, Greg and Mary begin by discussing the existence of deep underground military base locations discretely scattered throughout the mountains of North Carolina. As Mary explains, of the 5 facilities studied in her book, The Smokey Mountain National Park is the most prominent and easily identifiable one. She also details the site within Mount Mitchell, the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi and the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, a facility remaining from the days of the Cold War.
6:15 As one of the largest underground facilities, Mount Mitchell is said to be it’s own self- sustaining habitat containing access to water and electricity and running up to 20 stories subterranean. With such an elaborate infrastructure in place, Mary elaborates on how this may give credence to the concept that Mount Mitchell is home to numerous UN troops. Listen as Mary explains that in 1972 under President Nixon, the US entered into the World Heritage Treaty, granting access of American lands to the UN and opening the floodgates for UN troop occupation.
13:30 Armed with a wealth of knowledge from former military associates, Mary catalogs the transportation of military equipment to these areas through aerial drops. Listen as Mary then details the extreme measures taken to discourage any type of investigation into the events in these areas, including but not limited to a “people repellent”.
16:20 After photographing several anomalous UFOs above the mountain range near PARI, Mary was compelled to document her findings, bringing about the birth of her site Skyships Over Cashiers. Listen as Mary identifies the numerous craft types she’s witnessed including the typical saucer, diamond shaped crafts, and oddly enough hovering boulders resembling volcanic rock. As the conversation continues, Mary and Greg discuss potential interactions with the pilots of these crafts, and whether their appearance in national parks in conjunction with growing list of disappearing people are related or simply just coincidence.
20:00 Greg and Mary continue down the path of weird by discussing her visit to the rolling mountains of Tennessee. Contacted by a man whose family lineage can be linked to the Euchee Indians and Ireland, Mary details the story of how his family fled their homeland and in their journey, brought with them little people who have resided on their family lands for centuries.
24:00 On the polar opposite end of the spectrum lay the giant. Listens as Greg and Mary discuss the history of giants, and the systemic efforts by academia to erase all proof of their existence.
31:20 Greg and Mary discuss the testimony of Hawk, a key witness to many Mount Mitchell anecdotes. A former Vietnam veteran and medic, he enlisted in the National Guard and was assigned surveillance duty. Listen as Mary details his eye witness account including the opening of the side of Mount Mitchell.
37:00 With the influx of military supplies heading into these mountains never to be seen again, Greg and Mary begin to speculate what the future holds. Listen as they discuss the circumstances for which the elite may be preparing, and the conditions currently being incubated throughout society that may lead them to exercise use of force.
41:00  Greg and Mary discuss what she refers to as the “blue moon”, or an object that has been photographed in the orbit of the sun.
45:00 Returning to the legends of the little people, Greg and Mary discuss the network of tunnels that runs beneath university grounds in Carolina. Accompanied by the discovery of small skeletons these tunnels built from red clay are presumed to those of the little people who inhabit the inner earth.
52:42 Listen as Greg and Mary discuss the history of the little people with the Cherokee. After migrating from the Great Lakes, the Cherokee were greeted by little people already occupying the area. Under the light of the moon, the legend states, little people with a blue tinted skin would emerge to tend to their gardens, collecting produce retreating back to within the mountains.
58:30 Greg and Mary examine Native American mysticism and occult practices. With their culture decimated by the white man, and most of the people marched through The Trail of Tears, Mary explains that the remnants of the Cherokee tribes in the southeast corner of the US are all but lost.
1:01:42 Listen as Greg and Mary discuss her work regarding a large mysterious petroglyph rock located in the land of the little people that predates the Cherokees known as the Judaculla Rock. Another example of an ancient artifact is “Lead Head”, which was unearthed after a flood in 1940 exposed the artifact that had carvings of what resemble a leprechaun.
1:10:42 Returning the the legends of giants and the Cherokee, Mary elaborates her research involving the Judaculla. Mary hypothesizes the mysterious Judaculla of the Native American legends may in fact be Bigfoot.
1:16:10 Listen as Mary describes her involvement in a Bigfoot gift exchange research project. While paused for now, Mary explains this type of research is best conducted during winter months when food supplies are more scarce. She also details interactions between local residents and Bigfoot habitats as well as the consequential aftermath.
1:24:32 Greg and Mary discuss the purpose of the Black Knight satellite. In an interesting turn of events, they discuss Tesla’s interaction with what he believed to be a transmitter from either Venus or Mars.
1:33:45 Check out Mary’s video about the the two kids in Roswell.

Want more Mary Joyce? Check out her work here and find her books “Cherokee Little People Were Real”“Underground Military Bases Hidden in the North Carolina Mountains”.

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