From “Announced by ABC News today but credited to Fox News, the report detailed a 28 year-old American named Hector Monsegur who goes by the name ‘Sabu’. Authorities unsealed the man’s August 2011 guilty plea and confirmed that the LulzSec leader named Sabu has been working for US law enforcement since that time.

Crediting Fox News with breaking the story today, the same ABC News report confirmed that Sabu, the US government informant leading LulzSec, has been one of the most prominent instigators of crime in the cyber community. The network produced one of Sabu’s calls to action from as recently as yesterday, “The federal government is run by a bunch of f*****g cowards. Don’t give in to these people. Fight back. Stay strong.”

Perhaps if members of Anonymous and LulzSec subscribed to Whiteout Press, they would have seen this coming. Only three days ago, we published the article titled, ‘Anonymous Cell gets Careless, Infiltrated, Busted’.

We began our prediction with the words, “For anyone who’s lived this personally in a past life or who’s seen this movie before…” For at the time, we had no evidence or proof other than our hard earned experience. But that experience told us one thing. Global government agencies had already infiltrated Anonymous, LulzSec and the other hack-tivist groups. Whiteout Press summed up the warning saying, “This author can think of only three reasons why any highly active member of the above Anonymous cells would not have been arrested – they agreed to work for authorities, they are the authorities, or they’re really lucky.”

For full frontal:

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