“Control of Money, Is Power”

Banking is the greatest scam ever perpetrated, and it is arguably the most successful criminal cartel in recorded history. The financial industry appears invulnerable to prosecution regardless of their crimes committed. They have been caught laundering money for Mexican drug cartels, targeting people with predatory loans, colluding with other banks to manipulate interest rates, and gambling recklessly, consistently, and endlessly. These very violent crimes against humanity have escaped prosecution, perhaps because they are too difficult to explain, or perhaps because those who can print money tend to have enough money on hand to bribe their way to a favorable outcome. Despite the overt criminality that is oddly “untouchable”, I want to talk about the inherent dangers in the monetary system. The problems we have not only involve the crime listed above, but also built-in manipulation that really sounds ridiculous when researched. The inherent dangers were why the founding fathers warned against banks without having to predict the other future crimes that would be committed.

banking more dangerous than armies

The Federal Reserve is a topic that will continually recur in alternative media because it has been a persistent problem since its inception in 1913, not so coincidentally born the same year as the federal income tax. The US government has the Constitutional power to issue its own currency. So when is it going to get around to it? For 100 years, American citizens have been forced to accept the Federal Reserve banking system although we never consented to it. As you will see, we would NOT have consented were we given a choice, which of course we were not. This tacit consent shackles us into debt for life as the Federal Reserve system is entirely based on debt as money. The Federal Reserve is the central bank, which should rightly be seen as the mafia boss, and it has a cozy relationship with all its multi-national banking associates such as Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Barclays, etc. This banking cartel splits the profits made from fleecing every working person by making loans to the public at interest with money they don’t even have. This process is called fractional reserve banking and The Federal Reserve literally wrote the book on it in Modern Money Mechanics.

ModernMoney Mechanics

Fractional reserve banking allows banks to inflate the money supply simply by issuing loans of money they don’t have on hand. If they have a fraction of the loan on hand, then that is good enough for them to issue you a home loan that you can be damn sure that you have to pay back with interest. Banks take the money they do have, draft some loan contracts, find some saps, and sit back while mailing you the bill. And the money they have on reserves are the public’s money that has been deposited at the bank. So the workers of the world deposit their hard earned money to a bank that then loans your money for their profit. When you enter loan contracts with a bank, you have to pay the full loan contract plus interest while the bank only ever had to have on hand a portion of the original amount. That is so fucked and should be an affront to common sense. People say that loan agreements are voluntary, but I do not see an opt-out option to our financial slavery system. Money is debt, and we are shackled to our diminutive roles as debt slaves without ever having agreed to play- this game is mandatory.

basics of fractional reserve

The dual problems of the Federal Reserve being a privately owned corporation exploiting the American citizens as its business model and the fractional reserve banking system result in a highly complex game that has always favored the banks at the expense of the people. The banks must either own the media, or bribe the media to ignore this elephant in the room. The machine marches on through a combination of stress, fear, and inertia. We have tacitly accepted these terrible game rules for so long that the American public has some sort of Stockholm syndrome with banks, unable to free themselves from the banks’ abusive wrath. It’s time to wake up and fundamentally change these rules. Actually demand that new options be offered, and let it be known your discontent with the intolerable status quo. I actually want different options, and would love to someday see US dollars in my wallet rather than Federal Reserve notes.

did not know i was a slave

Financial fraud works like stage magic where the crowd never can piece together exactly how the trickery was done. Admittedly, banking is extremely complex, but that is no reason to blindly trust the bank CEOs as the experts. They have invented FedTalk, a language only economists could understand, and employ economic models not based on actual resources. We cannot infinitely grow these banks while they siphon away all our property and savings. The abuse we endure from the current monetary system we endure together. Don’t let politicians who are fully financed by banks protect the banks. Don’t let them sweep this issue under the rug. Control of money is power. Question authority.


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