Shitty contracts between banks and citizens

Let’s face it folks, in the absence of a democratically-created social contract citizens have been forced to accept an economy that exhausts all natural resources, shackles everyone in debts to the banks, and allows bankers to create and gamble with money they don’t have. Politicians, though supposedly elected by constituents, are beholden to the banks for campaign financing. The quest of undoing the exploitative relationship between banks and citizens is too big a job for a politician anyway. Only the people can undo this mess, and that requires knowledge and action. The Occupy Wall st. movement allied together all minority groups under the banner of “the financial sector is fucked”. If all of the Occupy participants world-wide agree on some level that this particular section of the social contract, the section about loans, money, & banks, is fucked, then why hasn’t anything been done about it?


occupy moneyfaced


Being in debt totally sucks. You are pretty much going to have to work for money to pay back your debts, plus your debts act as the boogeyman in your closet growing if you avoid it. People always tell me about how I voluntarily agreed to these contracts, and therefore I am a bad person if I don’t pay them back. But if the loan itself was fraudulent, then who is the bad person? Shame on me? Shame on you.


not a recession, a robbery


You can’t escape loans in this world. Our money is created by private banks, backed by loans from the central bank who creates loans out of nothing. This system works because the people accept it. Imagine if money were spent into existence only not as a privately-owned interest-bearing loan. Say you want to build a school; you could go to a bank and get a loan that you will have to pay back with interest, or the project could be deemed necessary and you would get the same loan amount without interest and without having to pay it back. Both loans would be spent into existence, but the repayment-free loan would ripple outward into the economy while the other returns to the banker’s hands. Positive money is a thought experiment that exposes the self-sabotaging nature of interest-bearing bank loans. Didn’t we find out these big banks were mostly bankrupt? And can’t we safely say these bankers are morally bankrupt? And isn’t this world destruction in the name of infinite growth spiritually bankrupt? Then why don’t we foreclosure on these fucks and stop doing the pauper dance when they wave their magic wands?


we are not your slaves


There are two films I recommend for anyone brave enough to research the too-difficult-to-understand-by-design financial industry: Inside Job & 97 Percent Owned. Inside Job explores the exotic financial instruments used in the Wall st. casino with great visuals, and 97 Percent Owned explains that cash money only represents 3% of the total money supply while the other 97% exists in the computers of private banks. This is fucked. If you don’t already know, check out these films. We don’t have to accept this. We can dismantle this machine with truth. The masses will ignore it because they have bills to pay, but the wise will understand. We are sovereign. Take away these chains from me. Fuck shitty contracts.
Inside Job
97 Percent Owned

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