Are We Alone?

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated with UFOs and the possibility of extra-terrestrial lifeforms visiting planet Earth. My imagination would go wild over science fiction like Star Wars and I wanted very badly to encounter aliens myself. UFOs represented this hidden truth that most weren’t ready for, or denied existed entirely, but something I always felt had to be true. I remember hearing the question, “Are we alone in the universe?”, and my inner believer triumphed over my inner skeptic. I hadn’t had the type of experience that I would classify as contact, but at that time my understanding was fixed on off-world humanoids driving ships here, doing some kind of observation, and flying off. When I became less fixed about an ET experience having to be a physical encounter, I became open to the possibility that we are always in communication with disembodied intelligences. Maybe instead of seeing a UFO above a field somewhere, I was sensing beings in my room at night.

ufo contact

It wasn’t until Ancient Aliens came out that I was exposed to the work of Erich von Daniken. His idea that UFOs were potentially Chariots of the Gods implied that ancient mythology may be accurate historical accounts, and that modern understanding fails to grasp these connections. This idea tied together the ET hypothesis with religion, mythology, and paranormal phenomena. For many generations humans have been reporting contact with various intelligent lifeforms and have been called by many names. Djinns, genies, angels, gods, reptilians, and demons are experienced by few, while most others are unaware of their existence.

angels and chariots vision

Aleister Crowley is perhaps the most influential occult researcher and was even called the most wicked man that ever lived. He developed methods of contacting higher forms of intelligence through meditation, tantric yoga, and self-induced trance states. He wrote about altering your consciousness to convene with the gods personally. His magick was based on focused will power and it bypassed the high priests in favor of direct experience. So if these disembodied thought forms Crowley was channeling are demons/gods/aliens, then that suggests occult magick may be a means to causing an encounter experience. Many secret societies use occult methods of contact, but the truth on these matters are highly personal and are nearly always kept secret. Militaries have also experimented with remote viewing, remote influencing, and other psychic abilities.

wizard channeling zodiac (1)

ET contact may be a subjective phenomena and may not necessarily involve flying craft bringing aliens here like I had thought as a child. Maybe no physical craft is needed and you can have a meeting of the minds by traveling within. There has always been danger associated with this type of thinking because people fear they may open a door they cannot close. Once one accepts that ETs can be contacted directly, then maybe they are talking to us all the time. Embarking on these journeys without the proper tools or training, may drive one insane. Some who accidentally have an ET encounter also think they are crazy. So the question of “Are we alone?” can best be answered with, “Are you nuts?”