Marijuana Legalization & Federal Drug-running

All hail THC! January 1st 2014 marked the first day that marijuana could legally be sold in Colorado. Many people rushed to experience buying weed from a storefront rather than feeling the lingering paranoia of meeting with a dealer. Forget the new Playstation & Xbox, legal Marijuana was the most anticipated retail item this holiday season drawing in huge crowds, long lines, and generating over $1 million in sales on Day 1. Many expected Obama to decriminalize marijuana, but prohibition was instead over-turned at the state level by citizen-led policy. Why at the federal level is there resistance to marijuana legalization, and why does the DEA continue to bust legal dispensaries? In order to answer that we will have to zoom out to the bigger picture.
medical weed

The federal government is not content with the tax revenue generated from legalizing pot because they make more from the illegal drug trade. The CIA has been caught importing cocaine and other illegal drugs into the United States. Freeway Ricky Ross was a former cocaine kingpin whose connection was tied to the CIA and the Iran-Contra scandal. The illegal drug and firearms trade generates untold billions. Some government whistleblowers suggest that this money is used as the black budget to fund secret projects that the American public never hears about. Tax revenue is transparent, black market income is less traceable.

war on drugs gears

There is other evidence of collusion between the Department of Justice, international banks, and Mexican drug cartels. The DOJ knowingly sold firearms to drug cartels in operation “Fast and the Furious”. No one went to jail. More recently, the bank HSBC was caught laundering billions for drug cartels. The DOJ settled out of court. No one was prosecuted, no one went to jail.

The CIA & DOJ are both involved in the illegal drug trade. The War on Drugs is a joke. Give people their civil liberty to toke as they please and it has been proven to generate a lot of tax revenue. The DOJ are criminals protecting other criminals. They are the kingpins. The War on Drugs shows who is above the law, while it mercilessly punishes innocent civilians on possession charges. Real citizens face real jail time while the DOJ is exempt from the law. What a bunch of bullshit.



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