Pitfalls of Enlightenment

Anyone reading this article is likely interested in conspiracy-related topics rarely discussed openly. You may have seen Zeitgeist or listened to THC episodes or were at some point exposed to information that made you question the official stories and begin down a path of awakening.
Awakening to the truth, otherwise called enlightenment, is no easy task and is not for the faint of heart. I want to talk about some of the realities of awakening in a world still immersed in the false.

unaware they are in darkness

I do not distinguish between people who are awake and people who are asleep; instead I prefer to think of awakening as a gradual process. Some people proclaim to be awakened yet fail to integrate anything they have learned into their lives, like Greg’s diet for example. Worse yet, some “awakened” people have explored some topics but failed to explore many others and so they continue to perpetuate the falsities told to them. As we begin the path of unlearning what we were taught, we find that it can be isolating. Questioning that which everyone else believes offends many people you previously got along with. Your friends and family may wonder what has happened to the happy version of you they used to know as questioning can make one very cynical of the established order. Many people cling to their dogma and their traditions and the thought of consciously undoing what they have done is terrifying. As is evidenced with sports fans, there is a certain camaraderie among those in a group-think consensus trance.


If you pursue truth to it’s murkiest, most hidden depths then you will inevitably encounter paranoia. After understanding that the fed prints fake money, that corporations control the government, that your food supply is poisoned, that funding endless war is more of a pressing concern than feeding the starving, and that intelligence agencies have access to reading all your digital information you are going to experience a certain level of fear. It’s overwhelming at times. Your every word begins to sound paranoid to others. The fear of coming off as paranoid and delusional is what kept conspiracy theorists formerly in the closet, but that time has passed. How do we find the strength to keep going despite the impossible predicament we find ourselves in?

enlightenment is destructive of untruth

Not all researchers continue down the rabbit hole. Like Cypher in the Matrix, for some, ignorance is bliss. However, I advocate that if you are fearful while exploring the rabbit hole then just keep going. Researching dark topics will affect your mood and energy level, but you must find that place within that no NSA agent can penetrate. Find your inner divinity even if you’re an Atheist. You will not be able to control the external world, but you can control your inner reaction to it. Find and define the boarders of your mental sovereignty. Seek within all those ideas you were taught without questioning, i.e. school/religious indoctrination, and reopen the file on those ideas to see if they still hold true for you. Seek and destroy your inner Illuminati that control you without your consent by getting you to repeat their lies. Don’t seek to change the world without first changing yourself. And yes, it is also acceptable to not be fucking serious all the time and loosen up. Yeah we’re all debt slaves, but you can still have fun with friends. You may just have to find friends able to joke about the absurdity of the world with you, and there are plenty of us out there. Best of luck finding an enlightenment battle buddy who can keep your spirits up during even the heaviest work.


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