Podcasts & the Aeon of Horus

We are moving into an era that elevates the power of the individual and diminishes the power of authority. For countless generations the idea of class has defined the individual. We have worked jobs where we have to wear uniforms and conform to the rules of the authority figure. This previous era is defined by following rules and rituals that please the authority. The primary division this caused was the split between obedient winners and rebellious losers. Now we are entering a new era where the individual has the freedom to express oneself honestly rather than conforming to someone else’s expectations. Podcasts are rapidly evolving consciousness through uncensored dialogue in ways that the censored media of the previous era was never able to.

crowley meddling

Aleister Crowley wrote about the previous era of human consciousness deeming it “The Aeon of Osiris”. Osiris plays double-duty as the alpha male father figure and the god of death. During this era being on daddy’s good side meant you didn’t face his wrath. Right/Wrong, Good/Evil, With us/Against us and many other divisions were common in this era because people were worried that their spiritual provider would abandon them. The new era, “The Aeon of Horus”, views death, failure, and separation from spirit as illusions. There is no wrong way to do it because every step in your journey offer an opportunity to grow. The individual reclaims their spiritual power rather than needing approval from authority. Every individual becomes their own star.

Everything that was considered profane and indecent in the previous era now becomes a new source of wisdom. In the recent past, nearly all media was being censored by an authority in order to control the narrative. Now with social media and podcasts individuals are expressing themselves honestly, openly, and immediately without censorship. What would get you fired for saying out loud at work now becomes common speech through new media. These new media outlets open the floodgates of truth by exploring all those topics previously considered off-limits. People now create their own narrative rather than looking for a tv narrative to follow.
The Higherside Chats was created because a show like it did not yet exist. Censored media could never explore conspiracy theories the way that one can through browsing Youtube or by listening to THC. By comparison with new media outlets, what was previously considered “mainstream media” is now painfully out of touch with reality. The movement in the new media is towards truth and away from censored crap. The power of truth grows, and the power of authority to impose their narrative contracts. Let’s hope this trend continues and that Crowley’s prediction holds true: “This Aeon has for its purpose the complete emancipation of the human race”.
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