Big G and little g


God is a word that gets thrown around loosely and thus has all sorts of meanings. Some describe God as a transcendent phenomenon lying beyond the realm of description, yet underlying all of creation. Others claim that their group’s local deity is the creator of the universe and likes only his loyal followers. Cultures from all over the world developed mythologies about gods who interacted with each other and who had different roles and personality archetypes. Ancient civilizations accepted that many gods influenced various aspects of our daily lives, but humanity was tricked by a Hebraic idea that became the basis for religions. The Hebrew god said, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”, and ever since people have been confusing little g for Big G.

woman breathing fractals
Big G cannot be personified, whereas little g’s are personifications of human capacities. All symbols and descriptions come from Big G, and all words fail to paint the whole picture. Big G can’t be explained to others, but it can be felt directly. During a recent mushroom trip, I experienced Big G as a sensation of lying on a warm beach soaking in limitless love from the sun’s light. I then understood that underlying everything is an omnipresent fountain of love for all of creation and not a god that gets mad if you disobey his rules. When God can be experienced within there is no need for high priests. Big G is the secret God of direct, personal experience that sounds phony when described. This is the best description I can allude to, but I heard LSD, DMT, or psilocybin mushrooms can act as a means of communication with the divine.
Big G
Little g gods have individuated perspectives like humans and unlike the non-dual oneness of all life that Big G represents. They make mistakes, and they get carried away by their emotions like we do. Little g gods depict the range of emotions and conflicting perspectives that occur within each of us as we are faced with difficulties and decisions in everyday life. Myths from all over contain stories of people communing with these gods, and these experiences may explain what has been called, seeing angels, demonic possession, alien abduction, fairies, spirits, etc. Little g gods are local to certain groups, where that group is said to be in the good graces of that god while outsiders to the group are to be feared. Once that tribe steps forward and declares their god to be the one and only, they begin to start projecting their deities’ morals onto everyone else. Religions imposing their rules onto the whole world incites inquisitions and war. The Big G described by fundamentalists of all religions, whom they claim they can speak on behalf of, is really a little g masquerading as the one and only.
little g
Religious people have not necessarily met the Big G themselves, and so they don’t see the audacity of any one deity claiming ownership of all of creation. Once little g proclaimed himself Big G, it was as if the tribe of little g also claimed ownership of all of creation. It would also be helpful to look at countries as group’s rallying behind a little g. With tribal deities, those within the group are the ‘chosen people’ and they follow the ideology of “you’re either with us or you’re against us”. The followers believe their affiliation with the group is enough to be saved by God. All theologies based on a scarcity of God’s presence create an illusion of ‘us vs. them’, and fails to see that Big G smiles upon all of creation.
Fundamentalists use the name of god as a megaphone projecting their morals claiming infallibility. They are really caught up in what God does and doesn’t like. Until people are able to distinguish between the real Big G and the tribal impostor, they will fall into the same traps and violent patterns. We need to foster a new mythology that views all life as valuable, and integrates nature as part of ourselves. This new mythology will save us in our most desperate hour. We will search within for the truth without fearing of upsetting God. We will begin to see nature as sacred again rather than cursed. Religions as corporations proclaiming they are the only means to access the one and only God will be relics of the past.
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