Live Joint Session #1:

Here it is guys! It’s not the fast-paced, well-edited way I like to do things, but as a bonus thing, it’s not bad.

Thanks to all the callers. There are some good moments for sure. Next time I hope to have a little less dead air though.

I think there are a few ways that we can get more callers in. One would be to drop registration, but I think that’s kind of important as a slight buffer for trolls. Another would be to have the event auto-broadcast to Facebook/YouTube Live, which I was willing to do, just couldn’t get it to cooperate. It’s a process.

Big thanks to for their cover of the THC theme song!

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43 responses to “Joint Session – Sept 2018”

  1. Thanks!! I enjoyed that- I’m sure as people get the gist of these Joint Sessions , people will get more ‘chatty’ lol- I’m personally terrible at impromptu convos.I’m just grateful you didnt get swamped by trolls or shill call ins lmao_ zoom is handy but I dont think its super intuitive to use for some people.Looking fwd to the next one!

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  2. If not here, where can this be viewed, or heard? I’ve checked 3 days in a row here on the plus site, still no play button or outside URL in the notes. It’s a conspiracy I’m sure lol. As far as doing it as a live broadcast, I have a suggestion. A weekly show of yours is broadcasted on the “Bubba Radio Network”. You could pipe it through his established independent internet broadcasting radio. His morning radio show is also broadcasted on twich if you’ve considered a video joint sessions. I only recently found this podcast, but it immediately resonated with me as the first unbiased freethought distribution delivery system I had found. And thanks to your show I found a few more now keep up the good work and unbiased curiosity.

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  3. I’m right down the street from Aberdeen at this very moment, the one at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.
    There are BIG fucking drones that patrol that place as well as a few other hot spots in Baltimore.
    I had one come down and hover right over our campsite on an island in the Chesapeake, the thing was bigger than a car.
    It made a few more passes before the night was over, then began to rise and blend in with the last remaining stars as sunrise approached.
    My guess is they go up super high to charge with solar cells, and to collect metadata from high altitudes.
    Their thermal sensors are on point because it detected our tiny campfire from 2 miles away and came directly to us to check us out.
    There are dozens of them here every night.
    Tax dollars hard at work.
    They used to have those twin surveillance blimps tethered out there from L-head MRAS, but some of us local Jedi smiled a knowing smile of satisfaction the day they came loose and floated up the east coast.
    Charged visualization beats luciferian technology any day of the week.
    Next up; Georgia Guidestones. Let’s hummmmmmm…

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  4. Maybe you could let us know that you were doing it I didn’t even know and I’m a plus member. Also on a side note your anti Trump bias is a turn off at least for me I would prefer you were a little more open minded

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  5. Brave to do and fun talks Greg.

    Forgive me chiming in with this but I have to roll the eyes at the vegan NWO ploy. Normally I would let someone’s truth be but I fear as you mention future interviews I might waylay in. I’m not a flat earther nor really want to sway your freedom of thought. God I hope this doesn’t come across as a rant, promise my heart is beating calmly and that I am smiling!

    I can’t see how this is NWO ploy to start growing non GMO leeks out of natural soil instead of the old system of hording animals, cruelty, chemical abuse (wont rant the worst crimes) etc. That system has so much finances wrapped up in the old way. Even the food pyramid has been linked to the companies that farm dairy etc.

    True refusing to eat meat/animal products has grown out of the hipster movement (not a bad thing and not the yuppie movement that caught onto it) but it’s basically;
    Non GMO, organic food, home grown, fair trade, no chemicals, better pay for employees, lower carbon footprints, less pollution, De-centralization, basically clean diet that you can monitor yourself people are curing cancers with this diet.

    Even the mindset of walking away from that old system is what we in the conspiratorial have wanted for so long. Confuses me as to the back lash (though talking of no more burgers mid stoner chat has me conjuring up images of 28 days later (;-))

    We are all free so my main (and really only) point of writing is that if you do have a chat on the topic of veganism as a NWO ploy could you please interview the counter opposite this theory. I think its very well rounded to talk about this as we do get into gut health very quickly and how to maintain self health.

    Non vegans I know are not flat earther’s and normally ones that really are trying to remove blinkers on their eyes and reevaluate the world taught to them. At best/worst most are anti-vacer’s.

    Sorry this is long, wasn’t meant to be preachy in the slightest. Worries now I’m coming across as triggered 😉

    Anyway peace out.

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    • Here’s a good rant! Don’t be rant or trigger-shaming, all emotions are ‘good’ b/c they are necessary! 🙂

      I haven’t listened that far into the questions yet, but I know this argument pretty well. Veganism is not decentralizing and it’s not less damaging to the land when animals are properly raised. We’ve been homesteading for a decade now and produce most of our own food. It’s wonderful and liberating and hard work. Most areas of the earth cannot locally sustain its population without raising animals for food. Some can, around the tropics, but that’s all. If we want sustainability, folks need to eat local, whether that’s meat or vegan, depending on what their local environment requires. This is the best solution for the individual, the community and the world.
      peace back at ya!
      Mishelle (

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      • Thank you for sharing this. The vegan diet is not sustainable or even healthy for all. My intention is to get out of the city and homestead as well. I receive your newsletter and love it. Gratitude for you!

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  6. Vegetarianism/veganism isn’t for everyone:
    Jan Irvin’s blood type is 0. And if his diet, when he tried vegetarianism, mostly consisted of wheat (read “Wheat Belly”), it’s understandable that he developed a problem. Rare grains and the more important food groups fruits and vegetables are more expensive.

    For people with blood type A animal proteins (including grains) are hard to break down (easier are chicken and fish). These proteins wear down the gut and potentially makes type A more prone to mental problems due to even less nutrition being absorbed by the body.

    THC Forum: Fixing your Gut – Shopping List?

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    • Forgive me if I came across stating “one size fixes all”. I don’t believe in those nor was I preaching. I often wonder if that is true, some people having to eat meat, as resent findings are that we were not always so “carnivore” in our more primitive state. Not looked into any science of it though.

      Interesting about the blood type, I’ll check mine out to make sure. I know the Vegan/Veggies Vit B12 thing is a myth.

      Good post you linked to. Bit mainstream for my liking but the guy that wrote “how not to die” has some great videos on what to eat.
      He doesn’t seem to be a fan of conventional medicine so he’s okay in my books!

      Anyway less stress, better food, giving our money to real farmers and more exercise, I think we all can agree is a great start to end this insanity we are in.

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    • Thanks for this comment! I have the book “Wheat Belly” sitting on my desk right now as my next read. I have always been confused by the multi-faceted issue that is wheat and gluten. I find it interesting that some European countries like Germany have banned all GMO seeds and related products.

      I was the person who called in and mentioned the vegan thing, and I for sure know that it helps me think much more clearly. The one meat that I hear people say over and over that it bothers their mental cognition is with pork. And second to that, but a distant second, is red meat. And in my research covering meditation, it is so commonly mentioned that eating pork will make your meditation practice much more difficult.

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  7. Some great resources that explain how the current food model is cornerstone to the Globalist agenda, here are just a few good ones: Food Politics by Marion Nestle, Foodopoly by Wenonah Hauter, The World According to Monsanto by Marie-Monique Robin, Altered Genes, Twisted Truth by Steven M. Druker. The worldwide goal has been for centuries to get folks off the land and it’s working like a charm.

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  8. I also enjoyed this new format and hope to be able to attend the next session live.
    As a suggestion for improvement, maybe it would be a good idea to first have some pre-arranged callers (e.g. 3 callers approx. 10 min each) with new topic suggestions or exiciting stories and then leave the rest of the show for shorter comments (e.g. 6 callers for 5 min each) just to find a balance between depth and giving as many people as possible a chance to speak…
    keep up the good work and thanks!

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  9. Hey Greg, I’m addition to my earlier request for Michael Jaco the navy SEAL as a guest, I would also love to hear you interview Wes Germer of Sasquatch Chronicles. He has a great podcast primarily about Sasquatch encounters, but also other paranormal events and cryptid encounters like Dogman. He and his brother had an encounter which was rife with high strangeness typical of “alien” encounters (missing time, etc). He is also of the opinion that the squatch phenomenon is being surprised by the powers that be (govt and corporations).

    I think he would be a great host.

    Again, thanks for the show, happy to support you 🙂

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  10. Greg I believe your guy’s rant on vegetable based diet was extreme and things that need to be considered when getting into a discussion about non meat diets is that over 60% of the worlds population is classed as vegetarian. This alone dismisses any concerns about health problems when it comes to not eating meat. Greg if you are going down this path check out Dr Michael Greger to get some balance on the topic, Michael promotes a whole food plant based diet. I do find veganism a cult however, we should distinguish the differences between plant based whole food diets and veganism

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  11. I love these kinds of shows with you Greg. I wish people were more active and the show lasted longer but as the first one this was great. I would trade one guest episode for 2 hour show with all kinds of interesting people talking to you.

    I am vegan (and a flat earther 😀 ) but I`d love to listen to a show with that Sv3rige guy. I followed him for a while, he had an interesting thought I had that the worlds population is much smaller than They say – remember the Georgia Guidestones “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000” – “maintain” does not mean “reduce”.

    Oh, just a thought – if you do a show about how Veganism is bad, you should follow it with a show why Veganism is good. The best people I could recommend as guests would be Robert Morse ND (he has almost 50 years of experience healing people worldwide) or Hilde Larsen, you can find them on youtube. Veganism is such a broad thing, one can eat total garbage and be vegan, the other can eat nothing but fruits that`s also vegan, one with sickness, the other at the best shape of his/her life. Maybe Veganism is a trap for people I don`t know, but what I feel is the best lifestyle – FRUITARIANISM. Too bad we do not live in tropics…

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  12. Hey Greg I like how you more and shake with the times! I love your show, you’re a great guy! Obviously not all the guest I enjoy! But for 50 dollars or pounds it’s absolutely worth it! I pay for a tv license (under duress) that is triple that for what? A company like the bbc to cover up rapists and run by the Zionists who promote a greater israh’el so thanks so much for your hard work over the years mate and long may it continue a very happy plus member and fan from the uk! and when January comes around will be purchasing again. Did you ever have any luck getting Alan park oh from Canada who hosts green crush and conspiracy query’s? He had stage 4 cancer the usual stories go and get your affairs in order…..4 it 5 years later he’s still doing the rounds.. I think it would be interesting whether it would fill a 2 hour slot all he may have to say but it may be worth having as a filler program..thank you Greg and the earth is flat brother!! Haha OJ you say agnostic bro.. I’m flat and I haven’t looked back.. haha take care pal.

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  13. Maybe if you picked a weekend that’s convenient for you and stick with it? That way we’d all know that it’s on the first, second ect week of every month. Just an idea. I really enjoyed the first one and look forward to doing this again. It’ll get larger every time we do it!

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  14. Hey Greg,

    I really enjoyed your live joint stream. I think its something alot of people have been waiting for. I wanted to let you know my favorite topic is Hollow Earth! It’s how I originally came across you back in the day. We all look forward to your episodes and this live stream was just the icing on the cake. Keep doing you man,
    Kindest regards.

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