Quality callers on another edition of the Joint Sessions. Enjoy, and hopefully I’ll catch you on the next one!

Big thanks to for their cover of the THC theme song!

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20 responses to “Join Session – Oct 2018”

  1. I am pissed at myself. I thought the joint session was scheduled for Friday night and not Thursday! I really wanted to get in on the weird. It woulda been great to share strange/paranormal experiences in the spirit of Halloween. Fuck me I guess! Everybody have a Happy Devils Night. ????????????????????

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  2. Greg thanks for an awesome show all of the colors had great things to say and it felt like we were all getting stoned in your living room dot-dot I will keep you in my prayers.. I was a little bummed that I did not have the phone number to call in but I know that will be reconciled shortly keep up the great work ❤️

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  3. Where can I find this for next time, live? I had it written down in my calendar weeks in advance but when the time arrived, I did not know where to go for it. I assumed it would be on this website. That is what I get for assuming. Was it on discord? Youtube? Was there a call in number? Apologies for the newbie questions that are likely made clear elsewhere. Gratitude for all you do and who you are Mr. Carlwood. With hugs from Heather.

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  4. I’m pretty active on THC, but I am not sure where to find the announcement for this in advance. Greg, can you advise or make a more prominent announcement?

    I know Greg isn’t into the whole supplement scene (I used to supply equipment to those fellers, so you’re spidey senses are correct – it is a shady-ass business). Aside from my personal experience, I believe that there was an investigation recently that found there were a large number of supplements that were laced with prescription drugs to increase “efficacy”. Be very careful who you use as a supplier for any herbal supplement.

    But, if you are interested in making a small advertising fee or commission, or just want to promote mind expansion and etheric technology you could team up with a ormus supplier like Ocean Alchemy and promote it for experimental purposes. Nobody can fault you for claiming that something is experimental. Once again, knowing the supplier is critical to ensuring a quality product as the alchemist’s consciousness impacts the quality.

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  5. Sorry guys, the links were posted hours beforehand on Twitter and Facebook. Nobody’s favorite platforms, but that’s typically how such things are communicated.

    I posted the info in advance here last time, but the link data looked like nobody actually came from that source. Clearly it was being expected. My bad.

    Next time I’ll post the call-in info here as well, a few hours before showtime, and then replace that post with the actual video when it’s ready. Next time!

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    • I know you had hopes of live streaming it on YT-( despite all the drama with that platform) Someone checked the stream on YT right at the end of the Joint Session and it still showed the ‘waiting’ thing there… not sure if that went live…

      Also to Everyone else: we tend to ping people with updates and the Zoom link in Discord when Greg posts them to Twitter- its just another way of making sure you get that info and everyones welcome to join us in there.

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      • When Zoom loads- ( where you see the ‘waiting for host’ msg etc) there’s a settings panel to test your mic/ audio/ camera- you can set it to not mute audio when the webinar starts-
        or- if you don’t- you’ll automatically have sound muted till you unmute it, on PC i get a pop up to unmute audio- I’m not sure what happens if you’re using a cell- the general settings for cam/ mic are on the lower left though.

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        • Thanks! I was able to test the audio successfully. The problem was I didn’t have a Zoom account set up; When I opened the link to the meetings, it took me to the meeting without a prompt to log in. But if you aren’t logged in, you don’t have access to the settings or mic/speaker control and can only view video. SUPER dumb mistake, but there ya go- make sure you’re logged in or you won’t be able to hear anything!

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