There are many conspiratorial events that raise red flags in any critical mind, and today’s guest says that many of them stem from one place: the banking industry. John Hamer, the author of Behind the Curtain: A Chilling Expose of the Banking Industry, says that banksters are the supreme string-pullers and that they have been throughout history.

Today he gives us a fascinating glimpse of the manipulation of this industry as it has existed throughout time.Most of this comes from the research John Hamer has done for his latest 2 volume set:  Behind the Curtain: A Chilling Expose of the Banking Industry.

On today’s episode of The Higherside Chats, Greg Carlwood and John Hamer chat about topics such as:

2:50: The story behind the title of the book, Behind the Curtain.

6:15: The history of where the money system started during Biblical times, and information on the history of coins, bills, and tally-sticks.

12:15: The conspiracy around the assassination of Julius Caesar, and why the bankers of that time wanted him killed.

21:30: Why, historically, crooked bankers have not been exposed or jailed — there are many incidents of bribery and manipulation that have allowed them to have a stranglehold on banking industry trends.

33:50: How the Knights of the Golden Circle, the freemasons, Jesse James and John Wilkes Booth have all been involved with the financial system.

40:20: How the Titanic’s sinking could have centered around the fact that three of the biggest opponents of the Federal Reserve system were on that ship.

47:00: Information on some of the lesser-known Illuminati families, including the Bundys and the Reynoldses.

56:15: Where and how bankers pulled strings at the start of World War I and where the Federal Reserve got the money to fund the war.

1:03:45: How accusations of anti-Semitism have been historically used to the advantage of the banking industry.

1:18:15: How the banking industry was involved in the moon landing hoax, and why it was a smokescreen for the Vietnam War.

1:27:30: How some missing or abducted children can be traced back to the actions of the CIA.

1:35:00: Why technology is being suppressed; there is technology, such as the water-powered car, that would give the general public a better life, but it’s unavailable because it can’t be monetized.

1:45:00: Thoughts on the basic income idea, and how it would promote a “trickle up” model.

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