Man, it’s been a long fucking week.  Last weekend, the wife and I had a small “valentine’s get-a-way,” and… one thing led to another… I MAY or may not have had a bit much to drink… I went to do a “ninja-roll” to the desk in our hotel room (why not?) and slammed my head into said desk.  So, I was off of work all week with a terrible headache and concussion.

Today (Friday) was my first day back to work all week, and a couple of hours into my day, my arm started to hurt.  Now, a bright red streak is running from my wrist up into my bicep that is warm to the touch and pretty tender.  It’s no secret what it is… I have some sort of infection.

Here is my dilemma…  Our medical field is a fucking joke.

My insurance is amazing.  I’m very lucky.  I have a labor union job, so I am pretty well taken care of.  But, 20% of a fucking E.R. bill can be quite a fucking thing!  I work my ass off, I get paid pretty well, get good insurance, but, being the bread-winner for a family of 5, 20% is a HUGE hit to the budget! … I work up to 60 hours a week, rent a nice place, own a decent car, buy all of my families groceries and pay all of my families bills all with my paycheck.

THAT is my problem.

If I made $15k-30k less per year, I’d be set… or, fuck, if I would just quit my job and live off of fucking unemployment, disability, food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, a fucking Obama-phone, and whatever else I could get my hands on and I could waltz into damn near any E.R. right now and never pay a dime.

I’m not saying Medicaid is a bad thing… It is there for people who NEED it, and my oldest was on Medicaid in the past, so I know its importance and why it’s there.  However, much like EVERY OTHER “temporary assistance” the government offers, it is not enforced.

A couple of years ago, a salesman knocked on my door and tried selling me a case of meat.  I took the bait and indulged in delicious steaks and burgers for weeks… well, while he was at my house and had finally convinced me to buy, he says, “your neighbors were able to use their food stamps to pay, are you on food stamps?”

“WHAAAAT????”  I said.  “Food stamps??  Which neighbors??”

He pointed down the street ousted the family in question.  I was irate.

These mother fuckers down the street- 5 kids, the mom works in fast-food, the dad is ALWAYS in between jobs, the kids are little ass-holes with NO respect for authority, property, or other kids (one of these little bastards whipped it out and pee’d on my daughter and then his little brother shit in my kids playhouse… they’re not allowed in my yard anymore… ever.), the dad has his “billy-bad ass” Iroc-z Camero, a Chevy Suburban, a Dodge Durango, two nice four wheelers, and a nice enclosed trailer to haul their four-wheelers in. … and they’re on food stamps.

[Now, I have to set the record straight on one thing before I go any further… there was a time a few years ago where my wife and I were on food stamps.  When the economy first crashed, I was laid off from my job for one day and then rehired at significantly less per hour… we were struggling, and we utilized the help so that the two of us and our kids could eat.  THAT is EXACTLY what the program is there for… to help when needed.  Once we were back on our feet, we got off of it.  We NEVER ONCE took advantage of the program]

I guarantee you, they’re on more than just food stamps.  With as many “toys” as they have and the price of fucking gas for their three vehicles and two four-wheelers, they HAVE to be getting more than just food stamps… especially considering the fact that this asshole hardly ever works.

This is what pisses me off… people like this.

If that doesn’t piss you off, I know a girl who is married to a Union Electrician.  Union Electricians make close to $30/hour in many cases.  She is married to this guy, they have a two nice cars, a nice house, every fucking video game system under the sun, and all kinds of cool toys and gadgets.  She claimed single/separated on her food stamps and welfare forms and received fucking both.

Her husband made DAMN good money and she claimed she wasn’t with him so they could get even more money.  They’ve recently separated, I hope they both choke and die.

Why isn’t the government actually looking into these people?  How do so many get away with it?  Why is it that “we” who actually fucking work and pay our fucking taxes wind up paying for all of these mother fuckers and their fucking toys????  I don’t fucking get it!?  Our economy is just BARELY holding on…. Our dollar is diminishing… our fucking National Debt is a defcom fucking 4… so, what do they do?  They let us go over the fiscal cliff, raised taxes on all of us little guys, and did NOTHING to cut spending.

You want to fix the economy, assholes?  How about this… LOOK AT WHAT YOU’RE SPENDING!  Look at the amount of money they’re fucking wasting!  But, they don’t give a shit… they’re more worried about making every Middle Eastern country a fucking “democracy” to worry about what goes on here at home.

I’m still pissed, my arm still fucking hurts, and I don’t know if I want to go and spend the fucking money to go to the E.R.  … It’s really a shame that “we” who can afford our own health insurance have to think twice about getting treatment.  It’s sickening to KNOW that if I DID NOT work, I wouldn’t have to worry at all about getting treatment, because it would be paid for by tax dollars.


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