“The Systematic Destruction

Of The Bill Of Rights”

Bill of Rights:

Freedom of speech, religion, and a free press

Right to bare arms

Consent to house soldiers

No search or seizure without probably cause and warrant

Right to due process

Right to a speedy trial by jury

Right to a common law trial by jury

No excessive bail

The Constitution may not deny the rights of others

Governments power default to the states

Alright, I’m going to get off of my new path here of “Conspiracy Theory 101” and give you all a little piece of my mind… Brace yourself.

Please, allow me to start with a brief introduction to myself.  I do not consider myself a conspiracy theorist, rather a conspiracy skeptic.  I give equal time to debunking many conspiracy theories as I do entertaining their ideas.  I am not an anarchist, rather I support the idea of a “Governing body” voted in by the people, FOR the people.  I pay my taxes.  I do not knowingly break any laws.  I am not anti-capitalism.  I am, for lack of a better description, someone who asks questions and raises an eyebrow when he sees something “off.”  Needless to say, my eyebrows are getting tired!


I kept quiet about the Patriot Act in 2001 that essentially took away First amendment (in a sense, by promoting self-censorship on the phone, email, public forums and in public) and Fourth Amendments.  I held my tongue with the signing of the 2012 NDAA’s “Counter-Terrorism” provisions signed in late December of 2011, which infringes upon at LEAST four of our Amendments in our Bill of Rights (5th, 6th, 7th and 8th).  I turned a blind eye to the “UN Small Arms Treaty” that began what will surely be the “Great Gun Grab of 2012-13” (THAT in itself is a separate blog post entirely!).

Then, I start to get a little worried when I heard that our government would be flying drones domestically, monitoring our lands for any “potential threats.”  Using drones to find terrorist would be like finding a needle in a stack of needles.  We don’t know who these terrorists are, what nationality they may be, their religious creed, their habits… NOTHING! … BUT, I still did nothing.  I worried a bit, but, primarily kept it to myself, I’m not a terrorist, so I figure I don’t have anything to worry about.

… Then, finally, I was screwing around on the interwebs last night, and came across something that tied everything together…

Breaking: Justice Department Memo Reveals Drones CAN attack US Citizens

This is it.  This is just too much.  The memo released shows that the government can label ANY man, woman, or child a terrorist in these United States and execute with whatever sort of explosive ordinance or payload these drones may be carrying.  NO due process, NO evidence, NO fair trial, NO jury.

5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Amendments… Gone…

Several state legislations have already discussed making their airspace a “no fly zone” to these unmanned aircraft, by, Federal officials will have their way and over-ride their restrictions. (Just look at the legalization of marijuana by California… Federal authorities stepped in and took it all away anyway)

10th Amendment… Gone…


These drones (BEFORE we even found out that we were all eligible for Obama’s secret “Kill List”) are going to be watching our country day and night, watching while we drive to work, go about our day in the office, our lunch break at the park, our drive home, etc. etc. etc.  They will be watching day-in/day-out… watching… and waiting for us to make a mistake.

Who is it that will be deciding what “is” and “is not” terrorist activity?  Who is it that will be adding names to “the list” of “Known Terrorists?”  I guarantee you, friends, that the powers that be will NOT make it black and white…  there will be MANY shades of grey of what can label a man as a threat to this country.


Let’s just add it all up… let me try to clear this up as best I can.

1ST Amendment: Patriot Act

2ND Amendment: 2012-13 Obama’s new legislation

3RD Amendment: Oh, shit… we MIGHT JUST BE SAFE HERE!!!!

4TH Amendment: Patriot Act of 2001, NDAA 2012, and Domestic drones

5TH Amendment: NDAA 2012, and Domestic drones

6th Amendment: Patriot Act of 2001, NDAA 2012, and Domestic drones

7TH Amendment: Patriot Act of 2001, NDAA 2012, and Domestic drones

8TH Amendment: Patriot Act of 2001, NDAA 2012, and Domestic drones

9TH Amendment: NDAA 2012, and Domestic drones

10th Amendment: No OFFICIAL act against it, but, as proven time and time again, it means nothing.

This is bullshit, all of it!!!  These are our rights as Americans, rights given to us by our forefathers who wrote the Constitution and this Bill of Rights.  What is next???

We are VERY QUICKLY following the same path as Nazi Fucking Germany.  We’ve got our own little Gestapo (DHS who just purchased 1.5 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammunition), we’ve got our own gun-grab going on, and we’ve lost nearly every aspect of “democracy” in this once great country, and now this shit?  They used ovens… we have fucking drones…

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