My Letter To Bernie Madoff


My name is Greg Carlwood. I produce a podcast and a corresponding website called, The Higherside Chats. I write you because of the recent news that you have been reaching out from prison to some traditional news networks. Apparently, in an attempt to expose more systemic or inherent fraud in our financial system. I’ve grown very distrusting of traditional media and I’m sure the countless reasons would be apparent to any intelligent person, so I don’t see much need to elaborate there. However, it is curious that you would provide NBC with your unique insight to systemic corruption, as if a media conglomerate of that size and interconnectedness to the faulty system would have any interest in exposing anything too damning to the structure. Quite the contrary, it seems that traditional news outlets exist as gatekeepers to any real exposure of economic, political, and corporate corruption of the highest order.

That said, it’s obvious that for the past few years, people have fostered a lot of anger towards the economic elite and the looting done by bankers, CEOs, politicians, etc. People have rallied like ignorant townsfolk, looking for heads to place on their freshly sharpen pitchforks -either not concerned with understanding the corruption and inherent unfairness of a fractional reserve banking structure and all that comes with it, or not able to face the gargantuan task of truly re-engineering our economic framework to the degree that would be necessary to create fairness for the long term. Unfortunately, you became the sacrificial lamb, the head on the mob’s pitchfork, and the scapegoat of an entire financial sector’s crimes.

Let’s be honest though. Obviously, you fucked a lot of people. But when the game incentivises greed, theft, and corruption; I’m not one to think disqualifying a single player will really change anything. So I don’t really have an interest in looking at what you did, which from my understanding is just mirror the actions of the Federal Reserve on a less sustainable cycle. I’m interested in exposing longstanding financial institutions and mechanisms that will fundamentally show people the dark underbelly of the beast. Goldman Sachs could always shove a new CEO through the revolving door, but keeping the focus on the institution itself, rather than their temporary distraction, is more what I’m interested in.

I’ve encouraged my audience to write you, giving out your prison address on the air. If by chance you do have a desire to provide some real insight into the disease and not the symptoms, right some of your wrongs, and maybe even seek a little revenge, I would love to provide you that opportunity. I’m not sure exactly what the limitations of your current situation are, but if you have telephone access, I’d even be interested in having you on the show as a guest. So please consider the offer, and feel free to contact me.

Awaiting your reply,

-G. Carlwood

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