From WhiteoutPress:

Noose tightens on Wall Street, Geithner questioned in NY

March 2, 2012. New York. Do an online search for news on the detainment of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner exactly one week ago and not a single mainstream news article will be found. With the law closing in, even America’s corporate media appears to be in panic mode. Blacked out since it happened last week, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was in fact detained and questioned by law enforcement officials in New York.

For the record, no information has been released by either Tim Geithner or law enforcement officials. And absent the original Bloomberg News article that broke the story, it’s not even apparent what government agency, if not multiple agencies, detained and questioned the nation’s current Secretary of the Treasury.

What is known and being sparsely reported by outlets like Bloomberg and Fox News is that the questioning is related to Timothy Geithner’s actions while head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. While in that roll, Geithner used his FED authority to influence the first multi-billion dollar taxpayer bailout of the financially devastated AIG insurance company. The Secretary has already been accused publicly by numerous sources, including lawyers for the failed Lehman Brothers bank, of other legally questionable acts. Now, he’s reportedly being accused of directing AIG lawyers to hide certain embarrassing information about what AIG was going to do with its bailout money.

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