Endless bureaucracy. Go here pay personal property tax, go there pay for inspection, go somewhere else and pay license fee, buy gas to get to these places pay sales tax. Do you believe this system works for the people??

The statist government needs my money every second of every day. Look at all these great things the government I pay for does for me!…. *crickets*

Yeah the government built the roads. Big fucking deal. That was just to pave the way for endless future fees from every driver on the roads. The government views every citizen as a terrorist threat and demands money for every so called liberty and freedom we pretend to have.

Take my money that doesn’t exist. Rape me and treat me like a piece of garbage. Interrogate me like a criminal as I wait in line like cattle to the slaughter. My god, if I don’t work how in the hell is our military going to be able to afford mass murder of innocent children in foreign countries?!

Get back to work assholes! Make enough money to pay all the fees in order to drive a car that constantly incurs more fees that require money that I make from driving to work. Literally crucify me in the public square so that everyone knows I am the guy that didn’t have enough money to renew his license plates. Have the crowd throw GMO tomatoes at me.

Everything in the world costs money. Yes, remind me again how the Federal Reserve determines however much money is needed to prop up bankrupt banks in order to further bankrupt Americans. Isn’t it great that the auto loan you take out DOES NOT EVEN


EXIST as it is issued as a book entry and later borrowed as credit from the Federal Reserve. What a great system of banks owning each others banks and in turn owning the central bank which loans money interest free to its friends?

Money is a fraudulent system exploitation of the working class by the ‘able to create money’ class. It’s easy to laugh your ass off and drink champagne in high rise buildings when you get to swap your debt for credit and are allowed to borrow infinite amounts of money when the bills come due. Must be nice to swindle the working class into believing economists are ‘the experts’ of finance. Turns out being an ‘expert’ means perpetrating fraud that is too complex for the working class to understand.

I’m so glad the government issues us loyal taxpayers free transportation to go to work that we voluntarily choose to go to in order to purchase items beyond our already provided for necessities. LOL. Oh I’m sorry. I confused our government with a government that actually cares about its citizens. What is it that we pay for? Oh yeah, it’s CEO endless profits in the fascist dictatorship that exists in the shadows of our corrupted officials. Pay your taxes to get a job to pay your taxes to fund global suicide.

Driving without a license or without license plates does not make you a dangerous person. It makes you vulnerable to physical and financial assault from the police. The police have the monopoly on issuance of force as dictated by our government. Anytime a citizen is beaten, robbed, or has their privacy violated the perpetrator goes to jail unless of course if the perpetrator is a police officer. Without police, how would we as a country punish those who didn’t get around to paying their fees with jail time, property seizure, or even more fees?

Isn’t it obvious that the only way to have a civil society is to enforce punishment on those that haven’t yet paid their arbitrary fees. Doesn’t it make sense that since you were born on this planet that you owe a shitload of money to the government, now and forever? Doesn’t it necessarily follow that if we don’t collect arbitrary fees we will never be able to afford the police that are meant to enforce the payment of arbitrary fees? Shouldn’t we punish babies for the possibility of them missing future fee payments?

Let’s outlaw vehicles entirely. Then anytime someone drives one they owe fees. Or let’s set the speed limit to 0 so that yet he police can pull over anyone they please and charge them with speeding at any rate they choose. It’s pay to play because everyone is indebted to the banks which are indebted to the central bank that gets to print the money. Our debt increases and their profit increases. We all go down together.


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