Folks, The Higherside Chats is the type of show that can only be done by listener support.

The nature of THC is to explore conspiracy, fringe, and taboo topics to their deepest depths. Sometimes that means examining media propaganda during traumatic events, exploring  links between organized religion and child trafficking, exploring various cultures and racial topics, & maybe even hearing some bad words. All of this is a part of a good-natured exploration of our world and the quest for truth, but advertisers, sponsors, and large corporate networks just don’t understand that.

THC has had run ins with all of the above. We’ve had sponsorship deals fall through over a single episode, been removed from large podcasting networks because of swearing, and had advertisers ask me to avoid certain topics in exchange for their financial support.  None of these are acceptable for the show I feel compelled to produce, and the show I think the people are hungry for. So here are the various ways to keep this train moving:

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After considering a lot of different options, I’ve decided that the best way to insure that THC will have stability and be around for many years to come is to keep the first hour with our guests free, as has been the case for 3 years- but in addition, I will be doing a second hour with all our guests for a $8 Monthly Subscription. To check out all the Subscription Options please visit the + site at:



I’m humbled by people who want to contribute more than just the cost of a Plus membership, though that’s really all that’s necessary. Thanks in advance if you decide to go above and beyond, here’s how you can do that:

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