State of the Union 002 – Signs of the Fall

By Crrow777, December 2015

I see a nation predominantly unaware of an impending end game perpetrated by those who hide, lie and rule.”

Welcome to America – parachutes not included

I am writing this article stuck in a hotel room in Amarillo Texas. It seems I have managed to drive into one hell of an ice storm and have to wait another day before I am able to continue on I-40, headed for New England. As I drove into Texas yesterday it was quickly apparent that the roads were covered in ice and that snow plows were nowhere to be found and zero de-icing was taking place. This is a far cry from the ice storm (called the ice storm of the century) I drove through on I-40 in 2001, leaving New England ,headed back to San Diego. In 2001 I woke up in Tulsa Oklahoma and hit the road headed west. I began to see that all the trees were broken off at about twenty feet due to ice and wind. One by one the radio stations went off the air until only one remained broadcasting from southern Oklahoma. To top it off the east bound lanes had closed due to big rig accidents and the west bound interstate was down to a single lane. As power was out in multiple states it was not possible to buy gas so my wife and I had to decide if a quarter tank would make the Texas border where we reasoned a rich state might have services. It did. We crossed the border on fumes to see lineman restoring power, roads de-iced and gas available at the first exit. Our gamble paid off back then but it is no longer 2001 and now in 2015 we see signs of the coming fall everywhere. It is ironic that the changes we now see owe their genesis to September 2001. When the planned demolition of the Twin Towers occurred it not only cost me a very good job but it set in motion a chain of events that has brought America to the precipice that is now so evident.

As I drove into Amarillo yesterday I counted over 25 big rig accidents from the western Texas border to Amarillo and saw at least that many that had been dragged out of the median. Again, there were no snow plows on the east bound side of I-40 and there was no de-icing – of any kind. This is very telling when you consider that the I-40 corridor carries innumerable big rigs every day which are the life blood of this nation. Yesterday I watched a seemingly endless line of truckers struggle to keep their rigs on the road. A road that was littered with trucks due to an ice storm made worse by the lack of any immediate response from those charged with de-icing and plowing the roads. I am unsure if this is due to current budgets but none the less certainly a sign of the times.

As I checked into the hotel I am writing this article from I looked up at the lobby TV monitor, fixed on Fox News, to discover yet another staged shooting event had just taken place; this time the news spewed the words “active shooter” (Pavlonian and coded words) at Planned Parenthood. This is more irony as training drills often use the words “active shooter”. I felt like crying as I began to laugh looking around the lobby to gage the response of fellow guests. Inside I was crying as I realize no one in the room had the tools needed to detect the fraud. I was handed my key thinking about the coming staged, planned, coded and choreographed fall of America. But America is not alone in this total control game. Indeed, it seems there are very few places left in this world FREE of the fingerprints/effects of false flag events to include war.

The temperature was just above zero as I reached my hotel room and the wind chill nearly unbearable – a fitting metaphor for the country I have traveled and watched for so long… Just above zero.

Not only did the fox build the hen house, he invented the history of chickens

As is typical in Texas there is a statue of a horse in front of this hotel. It is painted red, white and blue to reflect the state flag and the lone star is placed the on statues blue forehead. And while this may seem ubiquitous, and it is, the name of the hotel is written on the horse’s neck. Do you understand why I mention this? Are you a person who sees detail? Are you a person who pays attention? Anyway, I mention this as it informs me who owns controlling interest in this establishment. I will leave it to the reader to work this out though. I will mention the numbers game and word “neck” should be your focus. I can resolve this paragraph in the THC comments section if need be.

It is a funny thing to live in a world where the majority of people are completely unaware that the ruling class has us completely and covertly under siege. It is much like living in a world populated by blind people who cannot hear and also lack the sense of smell. In a way I envy the bliss of these folks but at the same time I am upset with them as they ensure the outcome of the calculated persecution at hand. These are the folks who will assure you that the above described statue is just so much plaster.

It is the second day in this hotel. I want to be on the road but still the icy roads persist. After breakfast I took my dog out into the freezer to go potty. As I came back in I saw something I thought had died out with my generation. Two little girls playing ring around the rosy spinning in a handheld circle and falling to the ground at completion. Again it occurs to me that no one in the lobby has any clue as to the ghoulish death meme these children are unknowingly echoing. I begin to think about the numerous childhood regurgitations most of us are taught that echo the underlying death training that prepares us all for a short life of control and programming never having reached the heights of what a human being can be.

Ring around the rosy”: Reference to the sores of a plague victim.
Pocket full of posies”: Reference to sweet smelling herbs/flowers put in pockets of the stinking plague corpses.
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down”: Reference to the death and cremation of plague corpses.

Three Blind Mice, London Bridge is Falling Down – the regurgitation list scrolls through my mind. As I head back to my room I decide to ignore reality for a while but not before I consider how insidious a society we have become as we knowingly lie to our children about the existence of Santa, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy. The lie is told, the truth discovered at some point and then the lie told again when the young advance in years remembering the training they received from their parents – wrong, all of it. If the truth will set you free then surrendering the truth for the youngest of us attempts to ensure that no one will be free. And don’t get me started on Santa, master of the winter solstice, also known in allegory as hell – fire and ice.

On the third day in Texas the roads are passable again. I will finish this article in Rhode Island. Heavy rain and storms follow us to the New York state line.

Even a slight system change can ruin balance and end harmony/resonance.
Eight cycles a second weaponizes music, one hour change at equinoxes de-cycles humans.

I have arrived in New England. In some ways it feels like paradise lost and in others freedom gained. And while neither of these things is completely true, human beings have a tendency to convince themselves of things that only serve their ego, which, by the way, is not even “them” in the first place. A strange world indeed when we all mistake the “other” for ourselves.

As many who follow me know my first order of business on the east coast was to prepare to shoot the occultation of Venus behind the moon – or so we are told. For five days I tracked the progression of these two night lights in crystal clear skies. The day of the event I woke to clear skies but watched at dawn as a literal fleet of chemplanes sprayed debris over the ecliptic blocking my view of sun and moon. I have never seen so many aerosol planes here – one after the other. I stopped counting as I approached thirty planes in under an hour. The sky was closed to viewing very quickly. Understanding that even a slight adjustment to any system can have overwhelming effects, I wonder at the now irreversible change that has been wrought in our air and skies. There must be an end game.

The milestone we call 911 both announced and guaranteed the end game assertion while covertly demoting America using staged lies and deceit. Our actor in chief is even proclaiming America is in a “new phase” now. We are no longer #1 and it appears China is now poised to occupy that slot, further proof of the immanent fall of the US and proof that rules are made above governments who are merely pawns but careful examination of space agencies tells us this already. So many people still think government has something to do with the plight and wars of our world; so few can detect the fiction or skit that is world news and events that make us all puppets to puppeteers above government. Truly all the world is a stage and the people actors all. Though we are mostly unaware, we are actors none the less who have been unknowingly coerced into our roles. Not so for the real actors though. The politicians, news and Hollywood crews are indistinguishable at this point, but they know full well the lies that are being told. If America, home of the free and the brave, can fall, there is no place in this world that cannot be taken down and controlled in the same way. The current poster child is wearing red, white and blue with a touch of black over one eye. Get it?

What does it matter to ya, When you got a job to do you got to do it well,
You got to give the other fella hell

and right now you are the other fella.

If you are a person who understands and can see the validity in the assertions made here you must be asking yourself – Yeah – but what can I do? There is a lot you can do actually and doing nothing is what those who would control us are counting on.

First off, make no mistake; the majority of the problems we face are perpetrated against society through media, specifically news, TV and movies with some of the worst damage being done on local, national and international news. It is from these outlets that the majority of false news and events is seeded into the minds of society acting as a mind weapon for those not yet awake. These sleepy folk make up the majority of our society – it seems. Now that we have ID’d the main source of the problem let’s talk about what you as an individual can do.

  1. As a rule of thumb you should avoid watching TV as no human being is immune to flicker rates, frequency manipulation and content intended to have a repeatable effect on human beings. Even if you understand that the content being presented is whole sale BS, TV has a provable and intended effect on people. In fact many of the clueless people you will speak to no longer think and simply regurgitate what they heard on TV and accept it for individual thought – which it is not. Being convinced you are a Republican or Democrat is a good example. Look up “Palov’s Dogs” as the classical conditioning techniques outlined there will give insight to how easily media molds society.

  2. From this point forward treat all crisis based news as false. It is better to be wrong 1 in a 100 times than it is to feed the beast even once. In doing so your public persona with regard to crisis news should be aloof in order to project an attitude that clearly shows you do not accept or tolerate false news.

  3. Do not argue with people in order to try and convince them that crisis news is false. These folk, for the most part, are not ready to wake up. If you are a person who examines the false events and can demonstrate reasons why the news is false, that should be shared if the person to whom you speak is receptive. Ranting, arguing and raving helps no one.

  4. Understand that paying to see movies or paying for TV services is, in fact, giving money to the enemy. If you choose to do these things you need to be aware that you are doing it.

  5. Understand that all language has meaning and by extension an effect. In some ways spelling and language are no different than magic as it allows an individual to create something out of thin air and use it to implant images and ideas in the minds of others. This point, by extension, should inform you about how the enemy uses language and events as a mind weapon against the weak minded and subservient.

  6. All false crisis events feed on emotion. Human beings, when put in a state of high emotion, are easily led and controlled and very susceptible to the magic of language and media imagery. At no time should an aware person ever lose emotional control or allow anger, sadness etc… to enter into their thinking or conduct. To do so is to feed the beast.

  7. Writing a blog, making video to post online or any like activity helps to challenge the oppressors and inform those who seek to understand. Get up and do something as allowing false media to be the only voice is to give the beast free reign.

  8. Understand and know down to your bones that what is being done is aimed at society by a small number of elite that seek to control all facets of this world. Never lose conviction or cow down to ridicule. You know this is happening and you know it is harming everyone you love. Freedom is at stake.

  9. We now know that the false events we see so clearly have been going on for generations. We also know that the changes that our rulers implement are done slowly and once in place very difficult if not impossible to reverse. It is much like a frog in boiling water. A frog placed in tepid water that is slowly brought to boil dies never having noticed the temperature change. As freedoms and societal changes are slowly implemented we can all learn from the frog in this matter. After all how much of the Bill of Rights or Constitution remains intact following 911 and the Patriot act? I would also mention that passing an illegal law does not make that law legal. In other words what has been done through legal means does not mean it was legal but that is a bit like using the system that traps us to make the point.

  10. Every person has gifts or abilities that help to define the individual. STAND UP AND USE YOUR ABILITIES TO ADDRES THE CRUCIAL ISSUES COVERD IN THIS ARTICLE. The hour is late and doing nothing literally helps those who would rule us in the way a farmer rules livestock.

In closing I would point out that there is no facet of the system we live in that is not designed to retard your ability to grow and ascend to amazing levels – which is a gift common to all human beings. The fact that this is true scares the hell out of the ruling class who have become our jailers having implemented a never ending and ever growing set of rules, laws, conventions and systems designed to keep us low, comparatively poor and under control. We find ourselves in a time when humans are waking up to this fact and yearning to grow —– yet the elite of this world have kicked into high gear with every intention of controlling the very air we breathe, not to mention stifling human growth and ascendance. I am here to tell you that the majority of the horror, fear, violence and ugliness you have ever seen is in fact aspects of a system designed to convince you of a reality that does not exist.

It saddens me to have to write such a dark article but I make no apologies. Either we recognize the truths spoken here and work to counter the public mindset or we simply sit back as we have for decades and await an outcome that most certainly will not benefit us. I am unafraid and will stand against tyranny as I can. What say you? WHAT SAY YOU??