Waking up to the age of deception

  • By Crrow777, May 29, 2015

The modern age is built on a foundation of deception – by the numbers. And the looped count will continue until a sufficient number of people understand very basic math, hidden behind a mask of numerology and gematria, which is a window into this broken system.”
~ Crrow777 ~

There are three classes of people: Those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci ~

Is it possible that everything we have been told is wrong?

We all know what happened on September 11, 2001. Or do we? This event has been, and will continue to be, referred to as 911. Ironically this number was implemented in the US in 1968 as an emergency phone number – but there is actually no irony here. It is all part of a numerical plan that is now being decoded by large numbers of people (using numerology, gematria, statistics and pattern recognition) who have begun to wake up to deceptions that have been masquerading as “everyday life” throughout known history. While I could take time to demonstrate endless examples of numerology and gematria attached to disasters and world events, I will leave that to the reader as anything I write here will have little value when compared to what one learns in private research. After all, there is a reason parables have been used throughout history to teach. When an individual puts in effort to understand something, the result of that effort is usually more valuable than freely offered information. YT videos and channels decoding the numerology and gematria encoding our world are freely available for those with eyes to see.

Getting back to the number 911, as an example, I will offer some easy clues one can use to begin to understand the pervasive and preplanned use of this particular coded meme. The fact is that this number has been endlessly echoed in TV and movies for nearly as long as we have had TV and movies. The more popular the program, the more abundant the use of coding as many eyes (minds) will see that which is most popular. Take the TV show Big Bang. In an episode titled “The Vegas Renormalization” (Season 2, episode 21) two main characters (Raj & Leonard) step out of their hotel room in Vegas to reveal two room numbers in a hallway shot. The two room numbers individually add to 9 and 11 – in that order. For those who are not ready to understand, this will be written off as coincidence. For those ready to understand, the clue has been given and now the simple act of adding overtly presented numbers in media will demonstrate an incredibly pervasive coding of our world. I will also mention that this is one example of the coded 911 trend that has been occurring in film since long before that fateful and preplanned day in September 2001. I will also add that every single object in any movie or TV show is designed and intentionally placed in front of the camera – for any given scene. In short, it is all designed, all of it. This is what creates the illusion, otherwise we would all watch movies considering where the camera was placed to shoot the scene – the stronger the illusion the more effective the entertainment value and hence the trance that prevents folks from seeing detail. I say again, it is all designed. By the way, I worked for nearly 10 years as a roady (stagehand) so I know a thing or two about stage craft. I have worked theaters, stadium concerts, music festivals, film festivals and everything in between. It is all stage craft and every single thing the audience is allowed to see is by design. Everything else is “backstage” and only those with an all access pass will ever see what is being hidden from the audience. Understanding what I have just said gives new meaning to “All the worlds a stage”. Here is a link to a movie I decoded to demonstrate astrological encoding which I have seen in so many movies I have lost count – https://youtu.be/6_OgBsPaMUM.

Another good way to begin to understand numerical coding in movies and TV is by watching clocks. Have you ever noticed quick cutaways in movies/TV that show a clock or watch for a second or two? A clock in the background of a scene is also quite common. Often the time being shown is unimportant to the story line. We are using clocks for this example but whenever you see quick cutaway scenes, you should pay attention. Have you ever wondered why “quick cuts” are used? There will be more on this shortly. I cannot even recall how many times I have paused a show to examine a clock face that adds to 911. The Simpsons is known for coded echoing, but the truth is that it can be found in so many movies and TV shows it staggers the imagination. At first I only noticed the blatant presentation of 911 when one hand was on 9 and the other on 11. As I began to pay attention I realized that there are many ways a clock can be used to “flash” the 911 code into your mind thereby echoing the event through time – or – foreshadowing it in the case of movies and shows made before 2001. Another sneaky method I see used a lot is to add minutes to, or after, the top of the hour. As an example, one hand placed one minute before 2 on a clock is 9 minutes after the hour and the other hand placed one minute before the 10 on a clock is 11 minutes to the top of the hour. There are many variations on this theme and once you get used to decoding you will see an astonishing result that has been going on for many decades not to mention the constant 911 echoes still occurring daily. I will leave you with these few examples as I know that anyone ready to see has been given enough to test the value in what I have just said. The true value will emerge when an individual looks and sees – regardless of what I have said here. At that point the ability to predict expected coding will come into play at which time no doubt will remain. At this level of awareness an individual will be looking well beyond the singular 911 meme with new eyes – and understanding. Examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtNBgxS04Uc

When a person comes to understand the numerically coded system of deception we live in, 911 will also demonstrate that the system is, in fact, a broken system. It appears to be a replica of a fully functioning system that is not broken. The irony in this is that so many people see words and numbers that tell truth on their face – yet they have never been instructed on how to view these things in the correct fashion so that which is hidden becomes visible. Often it is as simple as frame of reference or how a thing is considered. This is one of the key attributes of media, influencing how things are considered (or mistaken) to include what is and is not socially acceptable. Media also enforces plausible deniability and the main protection of this coded system is plausible deniability. Unfortunately for those just starting to understand, trying to explain why the system we live in is broken will be near impossible. It is akin to trying to explain how particular pieces of music sound or what colors look like with words alone. Having said this, we all know how to count – sort of. Most of us understand that 1 is a starting point or new beginning in cyclical terms and that 9 is a completion as 10 (1+0=1) will start the cycle over at 1, from a numerological standpoint. For folks who understand this, looking at 911 underscores the broken system mentioned before. A typical person would count …9,10,11… but whenever a person speaks (echoes) the numbers 911 they have left out the 10 which not only skips a regular systematic, cyclical, numerological completion it also jumps past 1 as a starting point, given that 11 (1+1=2) sums to 2 not 1. Numerologically speaking it is an endless loop in a broken cycle. Bear in mind that single digit counting from 1-9 covers beginning to completion with the step to 10 (1+0=1) bringing the cycle back to 1 or the new beginning of a new cycle. This information is a leap for those just starting out but it critical to be sure. A basic understanding of numerology/gematria is important as it is being covertly employed in our world daily. Here is a good clip to watch for a beginning understanding – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6CdIW2vmrE&list=UUr6rRSjxpuMzTq5IaL12PAg. I will also mention that the channel that made this clip is a great example of the new vanguard decoding what has been hidden for so long – whether or not you agree with the assumptions or conclusions! What is important is what this individual is trying to do. I have also watched clips from this new vanguard of decoders where they call and record radio stations, police stations, city halls, local government, news channels, etc… and confront the deceptions (false news/hoaxes/etc…) head on to let those in power know – WE ARE NOT FOOLED ANYMORE! Imagine the result of thousands of people doing this and posting the videos. I am smiling

If you are ready to understand what I am talking about then you are ready to join the growing ranks of everyday people who are working to expose the age of deception. In my view it is a duty. It is a akin to Morpheus explaining to Neo that everyone still stuck in the Matrix (unaware and asleep) is a potential agent and without any modicum of control over their lives. If you are not helping to break the cycle of deception through awareness then you are perpetuating the effects of a pervasive and well designed system created to ensure that the average person lives an entire lifetime in a clueless dream of servitude completely bereft of any inkling of reality or control. This is a bold statement to be sure – but none the less true.

Looking through a telescope I tried to see beyond deception

Many people have asked me why I do the work I do. The answer is simple. I do what I do in an effort to spread awareness to as many people as possible as awareness is key, in my view, to challenging/changing the system we find ourselves in. To be more specific I came to understand that if I could get people to question something as unquestionable as the moon, there would be few things that would then go unquestioned. As fate would have it, I was allowed to shoot the very footage I needed to do this, more than once and in more ways than one. For those of you who have followed my work you are aware that I have stated the moon is not what you think it is and that nothing goes above low Earth orbit. I also question whether or not low Earth orbit can even be considered what we call space. I will not rehash these assertions here but mention this for those who might want to look at my footage or other articles that cover this topic. For those not familiar with the lunar wave footage, this link is a good place to start.

(Lunar wave clip that demonstrates some of the facts we know to be true https://youtu.be/iMQTEEbtTYc)

I have come to understand that the deceptions we see do not end at any border or continent. Often people begin to realize the systematic deception through the endless barrage of media driven disasters and at some point start to question what is being presented. Once discernment emerges the process of seeing detail expands allowing individuals to see the deception that has slipped by for so long in a detail-less haze of belief, fear and entertainment. Delivered non-stop each day to electronic devices around the world, we have technology and media to thank for deception that travels at nearly the speed of light. Having written articles for the Examiner recently I also came to understand just how rigged this so called news system is (https://youtu.be/iOzFX2pq80Q). My aim at the Examiner was to write articles free of deception. I quickly discovered that this is not possible. Any article I wrote about first hand events was denied publishing by editors. The rules of the game required that I have two supporting news links, one of which had to be less than 48 hours old and both had to support my article from “trusted news” sites. In other words, I was trying to write one of a kind, first hand news that then had to be supported by news that was already in the news cycle. To top it off, it was not possible to make money writing unless trending news was regurgitated (false news) to include using the existing story and keywords multiple times in each article. This means that existing false news is slightly reworded while the same key words get echoed many times in each article. The system is designed for one thing – the regurgitation of false news and the key words that make the stories rank in search engines. Somewhere people are creating the stories and key words which are all numerically coded and everybody else who writes is forced to regurgitate and echo those false “stories”. Welcome to the state of the union and by the way, I have a degree in Internet technology and understand perfectly what I was witness to. To be clear, I would rather starve than contribute to the false news cycle. I no longer write at the Examiner and have yet to find a place where I can write freely with the exception of THC where I am allowed to write free of rules and restriction. Thank you Greg Carlwood (THC)!

Once an individual has come to realize that the airplane crash, train derailment, shooting, massacre, terror attack etc… thrust at them through the TV/news is not what it once seemed to be, a dissection usually begins. A good example of this is Sandy Hook or Sandy Hoax as it has come to be known. An individual newly aware of such frauds begins to question who is responsible, who the actors are and if people died among a number of additional concerns. While it is important that this approach takes place it is also a trap that prevents folks from seeing the bigger picture. Once it is understood that a false flag attack/hoax (https://youtu.be/G6xaVUvyx-8) has occurred it is very important to let it be known and shared – BUT – it is critical to STAND BACK well away from the minutiae of an individual event and consider the scope of what is going on. For me the staggering scale of deception came into focus through the eyepiece of an 8” telescope, a long time ago. In one of the interviews I did with Greg Carlwood on THC he made a very important observation which I feel is important to include here. We were discussing how one knows when an event is faked or attributable as a false flag attack. Greg stated that he was at the point where all events should be considered false out of the gate and that any disaster or reported event should have to be proven true or remain on the hoax list from the moment of its reporting. Truer words were never spoken, in my view. Seeing a video on the news should not be truth for anyone as we have reached a level (long ago) of video production where any event can be created in a studio – including explosions, wars, terror attacks, disasters, shootings, moon landings, space travel and even imagery of distant galaxies and worlds. Many people who become aware end up spending endless hours dissecting each staged event they see and never step back to understand that even the earth, sun, moon, stars and space have been falsely described to us. And this is error on a foundational level! What could be more basic than misunderstanding the very place you live?

The cycle of error – bad information in, bad information out

Consider the result of decisions made using false information. Further consider two groups, one with correct information used to make decisions and the other with false information used to make decisions. Which of these groups is likely to succeed? Let’s do a thought experiment using the first sentence of this paragraph.

To set the stage suppose a person has just watched news that presented a horrible tragedy. For the sake of this thought exercise we will stipulate that the tragic news cast was completely false – made up – a total falsehood. We will further state that the person who just saw this false news has accepted every word and image as true. Now suppose that this individual goes to work where he/she tells any number of people about the false tragedy. Is this person now a liar? Has this person unknowingly told lies? Is this person responsible for spreading false information and furthering the goals of those who created the false message? If this person makes decisions based on the false news cast is it possible any outcome will be correct or valid? Thinking about this also demonstrates the idea put forward by Morpheus to Neo – anyone still stuck in the Matrix is potentially an agent of the system.

The truth is that the above thought experiment is happening, in real life, every single day. That is one hell of a lot of error. It must be a very simple thing to control a population who is making decisions based on bad information. I wonder how many laws have been passed, Presidents elected, wars started or national financial decisions made based on false information. If the news is any indicator, the majority of people are living cradle to grave in error. It is a bit like sitting down to a rigged card game and not even being dealt a hand – even though the game is already rigged. What chance of success would you have in a game like this? How much control does one have in this situation?

All hope is not lost. Five years ago writing an article like this resulted in a fire storm of aggressive responses and attacks, which is very telling. The climate has changed and while we still see aggressive attacks launched, there are many more people considering what is being said and a growing number of people who simply understand. There seems to have been an actual date where public consciousness began to shift away from the slumber of generations. While the year 2012 was the chosen year of the media, I suspect a more correct date was 2009. Having run a YT channel since 2013 I can state categorically that 2009 is most often cited as the “wake up” date for folks who now consider many things that were once off the table. We should also keep in mind all of the people who opened their eyes long before 911 but kept silent due to the national/global social climate. Unfortunately there are also huge numbers of people who are unable to catch on. It is almost as if their brains have been denied updates. For those who followed the Hatybov genome work, this reference can be considered.

What you are looking for behind the curtain is actually in front of your face

It never ceases to amaze me how much “sleight of hand” is openly presented to the public. Quite often our inability to see these “tricks” is ensured by belief. It is like watching someone say – “that man would never lie to me” – as the man in question tells a lie. The lie then goes undetected simply because it was believed that a lie would not be told. I have covered the problem of belief so many times that I will not do it here but I will point out a few deceptive video tricks (lies) and how to detect them. After all much of the deception and reinforcement of lies we see is delivered through video.

As a long time video editor I am very aware of the shenanigans that an editor can play with video. I would also mention that any person unaware that video or images of any event are easily created or faked in a studio needs to catch up – quickly. Trusting video is no different than believing a lie because you do not understand that you are being lied to. This may sound funny coming from an individual who has presented some unbelievable video but I would point out that my entire channel has been built on trust and a pledge that I will never fake video. Unfortunately this is about all anyone can do, but I take it very seriously and have never broken that pledge and never will.

Let’s take a moment to talk about what I call the video “quick cut”. A quick cut is a scene in a TV show or movie that lasts 4 seconds or less, usually less. It works to deceive your brain in the following manner. Your brain needs a few seconds to decide whether or not you like or understand something, when presented with images. There are studies that show differing amounts of time but the point is that 4 seconds, in my book, is not enough time for an average brain. The result of quick cuts is that your brain never has enough time to make a decision so when this type of edit repeats over time your brain zones out and stops trying to make decisions, accepting the images without question. I have read studies that state your brain waves begin to match the pattern of someone asleep under such conditions. And, by the way, we are not even addressing flicker rates, frequency, audio, color or any of the additional manipulations possible with modern video applications. For those of you who have followed my recent articles you are aware that all of these “techniques” can be applied with predictable and repeatable results that amount to human programming. Anyway, back to quick cuts. Good examples of quick cuts can be found in nearly all modern entertainment but music videos from the 80s were notoriously applying this deception. I recently saw a Robert Palmer music video (1985) covering an old T Rex song (Bang a Gong) where quick cuts and “blocking” editing are used to flash the Twin Towers and burning planes in the back ground. This type of editing must be working as I am not aware of anyone making clips exposing this 911 foreshadowing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRytPUOjz-g

I mentioned watches and clocks earlier in this article and you would be surprised to learn how often quick cuts are used to flash “time” devices encoding information. Another good example of quick cuts resides in old Six Million Dollar Man reruns. When I first noticed that quick cuts were being applied to the main character and not secondary characters I knew something was up. In certain episodes I noticed that Steve Austin (Lee Majors) was never on screen in close up shots for more than a couple seconds at a time while Oscar Goldman, a secondary character, was being shown in the same scene for up to 30 seconds in close up shots. The simple act of paying attention to what others let drift by allowed me to quickly understand that good old Steve was being played by more than one person. In one episode (season 5, episode 16, The Lost Island) about aliens on an invisible island, Steve engages in a fight scene where facial prosthetics can clearly be seen wrinkling (in quick cuts) indicating someone wearing a mask. And while this is not life changing information it does demonstrate how easily our brains can be fooled into accepting that which is false. Any thinking person will begin to wonder if the actors we think we are watching… well, you get it. If something so familiar can be faked, what else is possible?

At the end of the day there is one simple truth. The devil is, in fact, in the details yet details are the very thing the modern age has conditioned us to overlook. Reconditioning yourself to stop accepting everything at face value is important. But this is not enough. You must reignite intuition, critical thinking and recognition of details. And while belief is the enemy of knowing, knowing is a private endeavor that is achieved to best effect in a very individual way. The problem will always be that outside influence may have intentions and agendas attached which suggests that the best course of action is to force any information to be proven before acceptance. Taking things on faith or trust is your right but it is a far cry from actually taking the time to critically examine and vet for value and authenticity. We all have the ability to determine if something is true but it is also true that some things cannot be easily vetted – if at all. I would suggest to you that it is better to accept nothing than to accept nearly everything. In challenging everything an individual has a chance at gaining the ability to see details. And there is not a hoax or false flag in place today that will not die under the weight of its own details. Stop looking and start seeing as we have more than enough agents in this system of deception.

A 33 here, a 33 there, yes, 33 is everywhere

As I opened with 911, I will close in the same way. The other night I forced myself to watch the last Letterman show. Not because it was entertaining but because it is NY City and old Dave was completing 33 years of “service”. And although the coded subtext came fast and heavy I will share the expected 911 echo. In an old clip from 1979 (I think) Mary Tyler Moore was shown doing a song and dance number with people wearing sports jerseys in the back ground. The numbers on the shirts were – 0,24,42,9,11,14. The #9 shirt was worn by a very early Michael Keaton (The first Batman – hint, hint) who stood next to the #11 shirt. Old Mary was singing “With a little luck, we can help it out. We can make this whole damn thing work out – can’t you feel the town exploding”, as she danced by the numbers 9 and 11 with her arms out – indicating those numbers – 9 and 11.

It would have been impossible for anyone in 1978 to understand this foreshadowing, 23 years before the event, but it is no longer 1979. We are being slapped across the face with a 33” rotten fish every day. How is it that so few smell the stench? Here is the full clip (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-T11erq_kI). Only part was shown on the Letterman show as too many modern eyes would not be fooled. If you watch this and fail to understand what is going on, you may as well apply for work as a drone an join the system all together. You might also want to consider if your brain is being denied updates – to put it bluntly.

The time for overlooking those who believe and regurgitate this false system should be over. Every single person who is still on the fence or defending 911 is, in fact, assisting in a global deception that can only be leading up to one thing. Imagine an entire world ruled by a single group of people who control all commerce, media, courts and military. Imagine a one world regime that is now completing One World Trade Center in the footprint of one of the largest deceptions of the modern age. This building is literally an impenetrable bunker built on the pretext of a terror attack that never happened. The time to look past those who refuse to understand the truth in what has happened is unacceptable. Regurgitating false news is wanton culpability. The hour is late and simply standing by and doing nothing is no different than assisting in the goals of those who will not even stand openly in the light.


As was promised at the outset of writing for THC, I would like to ask for reader input in the comments of this article that I will address in article #6 – or the next article. To be clear, in the comments of this article please mention what you would like me to cover or address in the next article. Thank you, Crow


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34 responses to “Crrow’s Corner #5: Waking Up To The Age of Deception”

  1. Plus people heed the call! Crrow and I will be doing another THC soon about the content of the first 5 pieces, other updates worth mentioning since our last show, and the questions/comments the Plus members bring to the table in this comments section. Let’s get weird!

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  2. Personally, I think we need to delve deeper into the Hatybov research, get weird with it and not hold back. See if there is a cross reference between the numbers and ideas in the Hatybov research and ancient texts, Bible numbers, music, Magical books, Religious texts, etc. to try to get a better grasp on the big picture and how everything works. I am confident that there will be correlations between the Hatybov writings and other texts that could help shed some light on the true mechanics behind this system and those who run it.

    Commenter ArchiveComments this thread
    • I agree there is much more to learn and I have just now found another translator with perfect English and Russian as a first language. It has been tough and without good translation there is little we can do – I am working on it though.

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  3. I commend you, Crrow, for taking people by the hand and trying to walk them through all this. You have more patience than I do these days and I will add, you’ll need even more patience in the days ahead. I remember decades ago trying to convince family, friends, co-workers etc that the two party system was a total scam. That there is very little difference between the two parties aside from some meaningless talking points like abortion, gay marriage blah, blah, and that both parties serve the same cabal. Twenty odd years later these same people are voting for the same parties and actually get mad at me that I don’t vote for whoever they are convinced will save us from the evil (alleged) opposing party. Frustrating is an understatement.

    Some of us have always lived on the fringe. There seems to be an inner knowing that things are not what they seem to be on the surface and enough curiosity to look further into things. I’m not sure that can be taught, but, in my opinion, the trick is not to become too jaded and cynical and I struggle with that all the time.

    I mentioned my interest in astrology in the comment section of one of your earlier articles. I’m not an expert but I have been a student for a very long time. As you know, astrology deals with the influence of the sun, moon and planets on earth and it’s inhabitants. In one of your translations of the Hatybov material the influence of the Moon was mentioned. We’ve all heard that the Moon affects the tides as well as human behavior, ie, increased crime rates and emergency room activities etc. My question is, if what we see in the sky is manufactured, is the man behind the curtain also manufacturing the above examples that can be measured? Is astrology just another elaborate story that has been fed to us? If so, to what end? I’ve also had a long time interest in numerology and gematria. To me they go hand in hand with astrology, the Kabbalah and tarot. Where do we draw the line on what is real and what is part of the deception?

    My last question was hypothetical but I would appreciate any insight you might have. But I’m very interested in further insight into the influence of the sun, moon and planets, if indeed there is any. Thanks

    Commenter ArchiveComments this thread
    • I would mention that many folks who have had a clue for many years become almost callus. At some point many of those in the know simply care not for those who are too lazy or stupid (sorry) to even try to get a clue even when shown. The puppet masters also show this trait.

      As for astrology I will say that at least the sun and moon are clearly physically influencing us. And while I do not buy the description of space we have been handed it may well be that this system, which seems to mimic a fully functional system, may in fact be encoding information from the other system and things that matter in this system. I feel that all religion to include ancient methods like astrology have important information encoded in them. The problem is finding a real teacher in this day and age of all out suppression. I have always believed a teacher would appear when I was ready – but hear I sit either un-ready or simply alone without the option to have a teacher. There was a time when teachers taught that which matters most. That time is gone now for the most part but I am sure a few must still exist.

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      • Yeah, I’m still waiting for that teacher, as well. In the meantime, I guess being self taught will have to do. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be and the notion that ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will come’ is part of the deception. 🙂

        Commenter ArchiveComments this thread
      • So well put Greg. Practically all my family and friends and people in my community, who I love very much, are pathetic and lazy for being so ignorant. They’re on the internet 24/7, RIGHT NEXT to the truth. It’s hard to watch the years go by.

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      • The yearning for a teacher prompts me to respond. This yearning is the natural evolution of thought that is readying for solutions. Good teaching, say in math, always round out with exercises that demonstrate the proveable answers using known factors. We are so privileged to have the THC and CRROW dialogue where worldwide deceptive agendas are laid bare.
        My answers to the falsities being exposed here on THC have come through more than half a century of learning to go within for answers from what I would describe as the universal Mind. I am learning to absolutely trust what is presented this way. My life was saved several times through this form of listening and heeding the prompting! Thank you both for your excellent work!!!

        Commenter ArchiveComments this thread
      • Crrow, Sevan Bomar’s curriculum is worth your attention: secretenergy.com/enroll

        His class begins June 21st & I’m participating as a student to align concepts with physical practice

        Coming to our senses takes a holistic approach to directly perceive the world & claim personal authority

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    • 2. As you are changing and evolving, you are literally frightening the piss out of everyone around you. Friends, relatives, coworkers, lovers, acquaintances. Depending on who they are, their own life choices and who they are to you, they are going to either consciously or subconsciously want to remind you that you were, as the song goes, working as a waitress in a cocktail bar/ when I met you/ Success has been so easy for you./ But don’t forget it’s me who put you where you are now,/ And I can put you back there too. Many people are going to want to try to put you back in your place, where ever you started. Sometimes it’s fear – they are afraid you won’t want/need them in your life anymore now, some of it is insecurity about their own lives and their own life choices, some of it is envy (why does she always get The Thing so easily when I work so hard?) and some of it is flat out malice. You were the friend that they favorably compared their lives to and now it is not so easy to do so and/or they don’t want to see you succeed because they feel unsuccessful in their own lives and/or they like the drama of you being downtrodden and are unwilling for forsake it. You can be as gentle and reassuring or as hard as nails as you want to be to these people (which will be about 90% of the people in your life to varying degrees, conscious states and motives) but the important part about it is for you to not allow yourself to be put back “in your place”. You are creating a new place and they can come with you or get left behind. Never, ever conform to a previous vision of yourself to make others feel more comfortable around you. You aren’t doing all of this hard work to get right back to where you were when you started. Guard your Great Work vigilantly and at times, secretively as needed. You are doing this for you, not for social media’s approval. Chose who you tell and what you tell about your Great Work with even more care than you would for someone else’s secret.

      Let’s make magic!


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  4. Thanks for another thought-provoking article! These have been helpful to me in pondering “how do you move forward and actually contribute to awareness and truth-seeking?” once you realize the breadth and depth of the deceptions. You’ve been fully expressing some of my own half-formed thoughts about balancing examining details with seeing a bigger picture.

    As for the next article, I’d be interested in looking further into the frequency/harmonics and number coding. You’ve covered musical tuning manipulation in this space and also mentioned the importance of harmonics when it comes to the earth-moon-sun system, so I’m curious to hear your thoughts more explicitly tying these things together. How can we make distinctions as to the “natural” vs. “manipulated” parts of this system? Do we even have an independent “unmanipulated” existence outside of these local influences and what would that look like? I understand it’s probably too early in wrangling with the Hatybov research to comfortably tie in his information, but anything you do feel confident expressing would be much appreciated.

    Commenter ArchiveComments this thread
    • I think we have to move forward understanding that the system we live I is closed and artificial – at least the systems we have been taught to live within. If this is mimicking a fully functioning system then the main concern seems to be how do we advance away from bondage. Thank you for the input and I am taking notes on requested topics.

      Commenter ArchiveComments this thread
      • I have been try to figure out what youmean by a “closed system”. You said that you ddon’t agree with the flat (ish) earth model with a dome that another researcher (that will go unnamed here) theorizes. If you have enough information to speculate could you do so, please?

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  5. I second olchuckfort’s comments and questions, particularly “How can we make distinctions as to the “natural” vs. “manipulated” parts of this system?” It’s easy to grasp how the media can be fairly easily manipulated to promote the deception. Moving away from that, you have uncovered some evidence of manipulation of some kind in the “natural” inorganic world as regards the moon. But how far does this deception go? What am I looking at when I am looking at something ostensibly organic , say, a mountain lily when I’m out hiking?

    This also begs the question of what kind of “reality” are we living in. Are we the makers of a reality of thought forms, so that we have created reality itself and there is no reality outside of this (in which case why the deception)? Is reality a matrix created by some outside entity? Was there some sort of “Edenic” primary reality on which this ‘matrix’ was some how superimposed, so we now have a pastiche of the two – and this is what we are trying to sort through?

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    • This reality seems to be driven by mind which is the exact reason the false media implants the fear and error it does. Much of being able to see reality is simply removing yourself from this influence which ensures your thought cycles are wasted and your emotions uncontrolled – which allows manipulation, nonstop. We must leave behind what is presented and recover that which we are independent of a system that enslaves our minds and prevents any advancement. Even the very food we eat and water we drink are designed to ensure we advance not.

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  6. It’s so hard to wrap my head around the absolute scale of deception – this appears too large and long standing to be the construct of mankind – so who or what ARE the deceivers? Has there always been a (so called) enlightened group of mankind working hand in hand to promote this, since ancient times? Is this the historical endless fight of good against evil? I’m perplexed as to the end game of these deceptions – unless it is to feed off terror, agony and constructed imprisonment. I may be the only one struggling with these questions, and if it is so, I apologize for being the dunder student. It just appears that if something so omnipotent exists, it must be powerful on a scale we cannot imagine and therefore uncovering and knowing this rara avis construct is one of the most important keys of all.

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    • Once one understands the scale of deception continuing to dig to discover who, what, when is just more wasted energy. Knowing the system is false is the clue you need to leave the system behind and stop participating. You are the only one with your keys, yet if you do not understand this and work to use your keys advancement will not happen. Unfortunately we seem to be short on teachers but I would point out that this time is no different than any time we know of. Seek inside and you will find a path – that path may be different from all you know – but you do have the ability which is why this system try’s so hard to retard you. Understanding what is false allows you to know what is not and the system is false – you are not.

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  7. @JKBM The reason people give static, in my life anyway, is because you are making them look bad!
    If you are right, then they need to do some research, change their lives, and become outsiders to the mob…sounds like hard work to me.
    If only you would shut up, they would not have to be reminded of what they should be doing. It’s like being a hard worker and being put with a team of cruisers. You either have to drop back to their pace, or they have to get rid of you!!

    @Crrow Oh man, synchronicity! 🙂
    I was listening to an unconventional archeologist dude called Frank Joseph today on the Aeon Bytes Podcast, and he was on about numerology Mayan style, and 9 and 11.
    With the Maya, according to him,( I have not done any digging of my own yet) all numbers up to 13 are very important.
    9 is all about completion and balance, linked to the 9 month gestation cycle of women.
    11 is really bad!
    10 is the number of the rulers/kings, either good or bad and he said that this shows up in many other cultures; 10 kings of Atlantis etc.
    12 is our connection to the cosmic and higher realms.
    So eleven sits between earthly rulers and the divine/higher realms, which is not a good spot to be, or a potentially highly disruptive spot to be!!
    So, his take is when you have 9 and then follow it by 11, it is a combination of great disharmony and imbalance, and perhaps perpetually so. Certainly a signal of terrible, destructive and harm behaviour.

    I have a need to look into his work some more, I am thinking!

    Here’s a link to it on youtube, or it’s in iTunes or at http://thegodabovegod.com/

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  8. Maybe people have coordinated research on Southern Hemisphere flight times and routes?

    Maybe surveyors have input on curvature?

    Now that I’m paying attention I am picking up more and more clues that we don’t leave low earth orbit.

    Also, WE are the creative force.

    We were born to do this.

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    • What we are potentially born to do is exactly what much of this is about – in my view. Remember the band DEVO. It stands for de-evolution which is what we have been doing for a long time now – without consent.

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      • That’s too perfect. “In the past this information has been suppressed, but now it can be told. Every man, woman, and mutant on this planet shall know the truth about de-evolution.” …if they can hear it.

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  9. Thankyou Crow

    Please address the harmonic phenomena of the celestial bodies.

    What I mean is – how far have you come in analysing the implications of such blatant cosmic coincidences?

    Best wishes. Be safe

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  10. Good information, a good primer on techniques of deception and control. I have been onto higherside chats for about a week now after beginning the laborious, but necessary effort to get on Youtube and step further down into the rabbit hole. I agree with the above comment that I would love more analysis and discussion around the Hatybov material. I have practiced the Gurdjieff method of harmonious awakening, self initiation for some years now, and it is amazing the correspondences between what he has to say about the octave, that people are “food for the moon,” that a vast majority of people walking around are not alive, he even presented a tale about the sun neither being hot nor cold. During the last years of the 19th century, he traveled to remote monasteries in central asia and even Egypt collecting data for the transformation of man. Most interesting is his parable about the evil magician and his tale of how to trick the devil. He re-introduced the enneagram to the world as a tool for integrating the ancient law of seven (octave) and law of three (active, passive and reconciling factors). Of course it was later corrupted for public consumption into a personality type tool. He taught to question everything and to learn to see with your whole being, not just your eyes. The linkages between Hatybov, Gurdjieff and ancient taoist teachings present potential intersections that are exciting to explore. You guys are onto something that is so modern, and yet is ancient as well. I am confused as to why the controllers would update our brains in the first place. This planet earth project must be more than just collecting loosh, obfuscation and more than subjegation, what more? is the question. Was it a cosmic error, as Gurdjieff, Gnostics and Kochkin say? It seems the gnostic teachings, some of it promulgated by John Lash, may also tie into these questions.

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  11. Thank you so much Crrow for your insights. Your way of thinking should be the way we teach our children – not the bogus nonsense they are given in schools now.
    I have some points which would be interesting to hear your thoughts on –
    1. If the moon and sun are small and close, and there is no space, what are we to think of all the UFO and alien material? There are many investigators and experiencers out there, no doubt we all know who I mean. If no space, where do they come from? Is it another deception?
    2. Hatybov – his material informs yours and confirms it – but how did he come across it, do you know? What are his sources? I know he is dead, but is there any further information about his material which can verify it?
    3. Given all our research, and our understanding of what is really going on, it seems this world, whatever it is, is rigged against us. I have no trouble agreeing with the argument that we must work to make the world a better place, but my number one concern is this – what to do at the point of death? I am hearing more and more people saying “don’t go to the light”. Is going to the light just part of the deception? We need to know, because if it is, then all our good works here will be lost, if we just go to the light and get recycled. I don’t want to waste my accumulated wisdom when I die by making a rookie mistake…..

    Finally, a word of support for those who cannot or will not understand the truth about the deception. Watch them going to their football, and their pop concerts, and shopping, and playing Xbox – if we lived in a basically benevolent world, they would be just fine. They SHOULD be able to do those things, safe in the knowledge that their governments and peace keepers have their best interests at heart. FFS, I was one of them for most of my life.
    Blessings Crrow, you are doing a great job.

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  12. Hey, Crrow.

    I know Courtney Brown wasn’t a fan favorite around here, but I watched his most recent remote viewing video regarding the Phoenix Lights. Towards the end of the video, remote viewer Dick Algire was rv’ing a (presumably extraterrestrial) being associated with the craft from the Phoenix Lights. The being relayed the idea that the universe isn’t three dimensional and that stars aren’t balls of gas sitting out there in space. Instead, Algire made the analogy of poking a bunch of holes in a sheet of black velvet and them holding that sheet up to a light source. To anyone looking at the sheet, it looks like the light is coming from the sheet itself, but, of course, it’s really coming from another direction, or dimension, if you will. So the stars we see in the sky are like the holes in the sheet of velvet. That light is coming from another dimension. Anyway, I thought that was an interesting parallel to your idea that everything we’ve been told about space is wrong.

    Best of luck on your road trip!

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