A Renaissance of Observation and Critical Thinking

  • By Crrow777, April 10, 2015 –

The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look.”
? Caius Julius Caesar IV

  • Eclipses and the moon are as real as you make them

Yet another lunar eclipse has come and gone. This last eclipse further cemented my assertion that these events are, in fact, manipulations of a system. I woke up at 2am the night of the eclipse and went outside to assess the sky for telescopic filming. What I found and imaged was a full moon, soon to be eclipsed, that was covered with chemtrails, obscuring the view. The next day I learned that many across the country faced the same diminished view and for the same reason. In my mind this is clear evidence of deliberate actions aimed at blocking our view of the lunar eclipse. Considering the implications of the lunar wave, the evidence is mounting that there is much to hide with regard to our moon. The lunar theories I have put forward have their basis in observation and critical thinking and yet plausible deniability will attempt to blind those who seek to know.

Once again I found that I could see eclipse color with my eyes, with a camera and lens but not with the telescope. The telescope saw no color even with the ISO and aperture jacked well beyond acceptable limits. This was true of the telephoto lens as well and this is the third eclipse with color problems that I have filmed. In two lunar eclipses last year I noticed that the timing for the start of the eclipses and totality did not match the predicted times not to mention the color problem. This should not be the case as we are told the solar system is a clock and every event therein should be predictable down to the second. Not so for the lunar eclipses of late and the truth is that we still mark our calendars by the lunar clock. Easter is one such day that seems to ignore our western fascination with the sun as a time keeper and calendar maker. Easter is set by the first full moon after the spring equinox and then quickly shuffled to the nearest day of the sun or Sunday. The timing of religious Easter was off by one day this year as a result of our sun centric traditions. Any thinking person should consider the spelling of the words sun and son when used in organized traditions.

For the average ear, statements about manipulation on a planetary scale will be a bridge too far. For those who have followed my lunar work over the past few years, it will come as no surprise that lunar eclipses are manipulated events. How could they be anything else if the lunar wave is in fact betraying the illusion that is our moon? Anyone who takes the time to study what we have been told about the moon will soon find that the scale of truth will not balance.

For those who can consider that lunar eclipses are manipulated events, questions about solar eclipses will soon follow. After all it is the moon eclipsing the sun. As astonishing as my conclusions are the fact remains that the distance and size of the moon make it exactly the same size as the sun during eclipses – from our perspective. If this is not evidence of an engineered system then statistics mean next to nothing. The odds of this occurring naturally stagger the imagination. Here is a logic problem for those who can consider such things. During the last solar eclipse I made every attempt to image the moon as it approached the limb of the sun, which begins an eclipse. I reasoned that if the moon is closer to us than the sun and well backlit by the sun then it should be visible. Not so! No matter what filter or camera setting, lens or telescope I employed it was not possible to see the moon until it moved in front of the sun. The moon remained invisible until the eclipse began and even then only the portion of the moon covering the sun was visible as a black semi circle. How is this possible? For those who can and will critically think about these facts, there is only one conclusion. Unfortunately, for the conclusion to matter it must be won on an individual basis, as realization, free from the confines of what we have been told is true. There is and never will be a substitute for personal observation. Reading or hearing supposed truths and accepting information in this way is choosing to believe that the source is correct with zero investigation. Once belief occurs critical thinking will no longer occur in most cases. Believe nothing until you have good reason to do so – including what is written here.

Recently a man nicknamed Hatybov reached beyond his passing in 2011 to inform me that I did not discover the moon illusion or the lunar wave. As so many readers have taken an interest in this great man’s work, it seems fitting to address some of his lunar research. Much of it may prove impossible to verify but we must keep in mind that portions of his work line up perfectly with my lunar research – and then some.

Right out of the gate Hatybov calls the moon a “special object of the solar system”. He further declares that “Earth lives on a lunar calendar” which is the main worship of Muslims. If this is true then our forced solar calendar which will not balance serves to separate our lives from normal cycles. This is also accomplished with the fraudulent implementation of Daylight Savings Time and the adjustment of New Year by Julius Caesar.

The next statement in the opening lines from the Hatybov lunar research covers a truth we can easily prove to be correct. He states that no one has ever been to the moon and that the Apollo missions were a “cartoon”. Even though the Apollo missions are still heavily debated in the US, they should not be. The fraud has been proven outright to include scientific methods such as parallax measurements of images and video from NASA. The truth is that the system of deception entices people to “marinate” (thanks D.J.) in lies until they believe them. This has the effect of creating a veil that prevents the detection of reality. A veil of lies, so to speak, that leaves no room for truth. This point is so important it cannot be over stated. Be-lie-f in lies creates a reality that replaces actual reality. We are surrounded by this insidious truth every day and always have been. Hatybov points this out throughout everything I have read from him – THE SYSTEMS WE BELIEVE TO BE TRUE AND REAL ARE FRAUDULENT LIES IMPOSED ON THIS WORLD AS SYSTEMS OF CONTROL. Failing to see and understand this critical truth ensures the long sleep will continue unabated. Question everything, including what is written here.

We now arrive at Hatybov’s first description of the moon system that begins to explain the lunar wave. He states that the moon has two surfaces, an inner and outer. The outer surface (the façade) is thinner on the side that faces Earth – 184 km to be exact. I believe he is further stating that this façade is covering what he calls an “ionic structure” which is “cubic”. This inner structure has a predominance of sulfur and radioactive rare earth elements. The outer moon that we see, he says, “is nothing”. To me this implies that it is an image of sorts that cannot be thought of as solid and he later talks about this being created with octaves – I think. One might even describe it as a “light” as scripture does, though the term “lesser light” is more accurate in this context. Hatybov also states that the moon produces its own light and reflects nothing. The translation is “The luminosity of the moon is determined by the operation of its facilities, the Sun and the Earth.” Additionally the shadow of the Earth is referred to as a tube used to communicate with the system in some way that I do not understand very well. There is also a description using the word “halo” which is said to be visible around the moon when the system on Earth is reset. There is debate over whether or not this describes the lunar wave though other passages clearly time and explain the lunar wave. The real question is – was the word “halo” translated correctly and if so what does that mean to the Russian speaking mind?

In order to keep this text to a manageable size I will attempt to deduce and abridge what I think Hatybov is saying in the rest of this section. He is talking about the “inner surface”, of what we call the moon, as a control system. He states that “all complexes are hidden and protected even while they work”. Hatybov seems to be saying that the life support system for Earth is centered here – though better translation is still needed. He talks about life support at the inner moon and that it is tuned to a different octave than Earth. This prevents anything from there coming here or vise versa. Hatybov also challenges us to consider that there are “autonomous machines – some manned” servicing the described cubical lunar control system. Very few are manned, we are told, and in one passage he states they cannot “lift” above 2 km. Also, keep in mind the 184 km width of the deceptive outer moon we see which implies that the support vehicles cannot be seen due to limits built into the system. They remain behind the outer surface that we see.

Jumping ahead, it seems prudent to address reader concerns about the possibility of a time before the artificial moon control system. In a very interesting passage, Hatybov uses the great pyramid to provide proof of such a time. Hatybov points out that there is a daylight alignment between the entrance of the great pyramid and the North Star, but this alignment is off. Egyptologists claim that the alignment is nothing more than ceremonial. Hatybov calculated what the tilt of the Earth would be without a moon and found that the entrance to North Star alignment falls back into perfect synch. He then states that this is proof that the pyramid was built before the moon was put in place. This is a big deal if he is correct and here is evidence that can be tested. By the way, he places the appearance of the moon at about 18k B.C. interestingly this is close to where many place the Great Flood though Hatybov also states we have no history before the Common Era or A.D. I Think he means that there is an actual history but the one we have been handed is a false history. I would point out that if any of my lunar work is correct – or his for that matter, it is a foregone conclusion that we live in a false history. This is not hard to imagine for those of us who understand what news (N-orth, E-ast, W-est, S-outh) is in the modern era. To be clear, the news is used to create a false reality that uses lies and falsehood to manipulate the population, by leveraging belief. The false reality then replaces and veils the actual reality. For many, this will be too much to bear but it is, in fact, true. If you can shed belief you will begin to see with new eyes and hear with new ears – fact.

The most fascinating portion of the Hatybov lunar research is without a doubt the genotype descriptions. Under the heading “Easter” he outlines three groups of people that categorize the entire population. I will do my best to decipher what he meant and mention societal connections I see.

In the genotype section Hatybov states that the clock cycle of Earth is “given” or regulated by the Sun. This is a bit confusing as we opened with the moon and its role with regard to time. I suspect that the idea of a lunar calendar as a more accurate division of time and the idea that the sun regulates time may be the key. He defines the genome types of all people in three groups as follows:

  1. Genotype 42 – The general population of more than 5 billion people.

  2. Genotype 44 – The “Golden Billion” with brains “brought” from the satellites of planets. (Moon control systems/Spiders (Nephilim) invasion?) (There is more on this later)

  3. Genotype 46 – The “Golden Million” which is made up of 1,200,000 that were “dropped off from the Sun”. He may be saying the Sun is more like a planet than the star we have been told it is and that it is not bigger than Earth. Translation is everything in this matter.

As most of the descriptions given about genotypes seem to be addressing “brains”, I think the following ideas are meant to imply “upgrading” or “programming” what we would think of as brains and the ability to think. Hatybov states that up to 2009 Easter was held only in the third phase (phase 3) of the moon and Easter is the day that the “programming” or “translating” of human brains is done – by the moon control system. By 2009 the formation/programming (?) of genotypes 44 and 46 was completed and the destruction or phasing out of genotype 42 had begun. Genotype 42 “destruction” was supposed to have started in 2009 on Easter which was the New Moon (phase 1) and different from the previous third phase (phase 3) Easters. It seems like he is saying that the 42 genotype would be cut off from the moon system updates by 2012, when I filmed the largest and best lunar wave. It is very hard to add more here until better translations are available but I would ask – Is it possible that we are seeing the manipulation and “destruction” of large groups of people now? Is it possible that these are the folks who seem incapable of waking up? Are we seeing genotype 42? I have no way to know for sure but it would sure explain a few things with regard to how can so many can be so unaware. The vast majority of people seem to be stuck in the insidious cycle of belief. To be clear, belief is not “knowing” and “knowing” does not require belief. Knowing is a state of understanding and belief is a choice.

Now we need to address another Hatybov document that talks about how the moon got here. This research is clearly a product of “insider” information – or something else all together. How it can be vetted, I do not know. I would also mention that there is a clear Biblical reference to the people Hatybov says are responsible for the “closed system” we live in – Nephilim.

Hatybov places the exact date of 18,337 as the moment this planet was no longer free. He states that “aggressors” that are 4 meters tall and look like spiders (Nephilim) came from the constellation Ursa Major, in a biosphere, and captured this solar system. He also states that one planet (Phaeton) and some moons were destroyed which formed the meteor or asteroid belt. They are said to have arrived in a caravan contained in “thermoses” that contained hundreds of moons (planetary control systems – like ours). During the takeover the surface of Mars was destroyed and the octave of the planet reduced (?) to the lowest “circle” of 44 octaves. It is further claimed that the brains of certain beings already here were taken over.

Hatybov states that genotypes 42 and 44 have brain residue from the Spiders/Nephilim while genotype 44 is the basis for “Jews”, the golden billion comprising 22% of the population. If I understand correctly genotype 42 will be “cleaned” (phased out) while genotype 44 will be over-written by genotype 46. There will be no need for a mass killing of any kind as their brains will simply be “disconnected” from the control system and updates. It should be mentioned here that there is question about “Jews” being a genetic type unique from other peoples. Is this about brains and minds alone or genetics? If minds then there are schools of thought who assert that the word “Jew” originally meant “learned man” and was a level of initiation. In other words a bit like a rank in the military but achieved by initiation in a mystery school. We would equate groups like the Masons in this regard but this seems to go back to the Greek Mystery schools. It has been asserted that little has changed within mystery school teaching except information loss and misuse. These are two important points to consider – particularly misuse.

Having read through all the Hatybov material again I begin to wonder if we will ever see a lunar wave of the kind and prominence captured at the fall equinox of 2012. There are passages in Hatybov’s work that lead me to believe I may have filmed the last one as 2012 is treated as a completion year. This is based on the idea that we are both correct in our research though. Let’s face it, to live in times when lunar waves or any of this material can be considered seriously demonstrates that we are at the cross roads of a new era. The stories and history we have been handed are no longer sufficient to satisfy the abilities of individuals who have opened their eyes and shed belief. The very system that is set in place to deceive and control us is now becoming a beacon that is serving to wake up many of us. The media is a key player in this change. While media continues to hypnotize and indoctrinate the slumbering masses, it is also confirming the fraud for many no longer content to sleep. Does it all come down to genotype – mind? I choose to believe that I have a choice in things. I will keep in mind everything Hatybov has said, but it will never replace personal observation and critical thinking. Without observation and critical thinking, the only thing that matters is the color of the next set of pajamas, and that, really does not matter at all.

Belief is the enemy of knowing.”
? Crrow777

Post Script: I am still in need of a good translator that can deal with technical Russian text (Hatybov research) and translate it into solid English. At this point there is far too much “I think…” in this information which diminishes Hatybov’s meaning and intent. There is also the issue of words and ideas that do not translate well. If you are interested in helping to get better translations of this important work, please let me know.

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