In the latest episode of The Higherside Chats, Greg Carlwood hosts returning guest Cara St. Louis. On her previous appearance, she outlined the details of the new chronology, the missing time phenomenon, the mind weapon we call the Prussian Education System and the dumbing down it facilitates.

As Cara looked deeper into the narrative of history, missing time and those who question it, she found more than enough meat on those bones and set out on her new venture: a series of episodic titles she calls The Workbook. Join them as they go for the conspiratorial one-two punch of the highest order as we explore Missing time and the New Chronology.

4:00 Greg and Cara begin by giving some context on the New Chronology. Cara details her path of initiation starting with the work of Sylvie’ Ivanowa and leading to Russian astronomer and mathematician, Anatoly Fomenko. Cara explains that the timeline used by today’s elite, contributes to the justification of things such as wars and the rising of certain dynastic families. Using astronomical events, such as the cycles of the moon, movements of the planets and eclipses, we are able to see the manipulation of humankind’s understanding of history.

11:30 Knowing our current timeline may be completely inaccurate, Greg and Cara discuss the ways in  which establishments such as the Catholic church were capable of altering the dates of history to fit their desired paradigm. Cara contends Jesuits scholars Scaliger and his contemporary Dionysius Petavias, with the help of Benedictine monks, at the will of the Vatican, and against all history fiction or science rewrote chronology to pre-date the existence of Christianity. Further illustrating her point, Cara also explains that all astronomical evidence dates Jesus’ period of existence to Medieval times, which gravely affects our current chronology.
15:00 Digging deeper into the Jesuit’s brutal involvement in the Prussian education system, Cara briefly lays out the bullet points and a few keys players from along the way, including Pope Pius X.
24:42 Greg and Cara continue to put a point on the finer details of the key figures involved in altering the timeline. One such contributing character was none other than esteemed mathematician, astronomer and physicist, Isaac Newton.
28:00 Cara makes the case against the flat earth theory by contending that it discredits traditional astronomy.
29:45 Greg and Cara examine the work of Ivanowa involving the decedents of Atlantis whom she refers to as “the Survivors”. Known as the keepers of the peace, the Survivors imparted knowledge to the indigenous people who in turn used their culture of oral storytelling to spread this knowledge for generations. Cara details the what she believes to be a critical moment in the lost history, the Battle of Moytura, a literal fairy tale taking place in Ireland.
38:00 Cara continues to detail her path of research for listeners. As a self-identified Faye, Cara believes the Faye exist in a different way. Cara outlines her theory, stating the Faye have been and may still be an extra-terrestrial race, as well as existing intra–dimensionally.
Listen as Cara and Greg discuss the tumultuous relationship between the Faye and Drakos.
46:00 The scope of the human mind is endless. With the recent calls to creative types from CERN, Cara elaborates on the theory they may be attempting to harness the imagination to control and disrupt the morphogenetic field.
51:00 Listen as Cara describes the current landscape of terror, anxiety and fear being used to manipulate, weaken and control the population.
58:40 Greg and Cara continue to trace missing time conspiracy and this alternative history through the rule of Nero in Rome. With disparities in the timeline becoming more evident as we narrow in on details of history, Cara explains the fallacies in our current understanding of history.
1:03:20 Greg and Cara continue their discussion by tackling the Phantom time hypothesis, which was published in the 90’s and shares a similar conclusion that the timeline has been adjusted.
1:05:00 While the effects of chemtrails have been widely speculated, Cara elaborates on her theory of these circulating poison clouds. With mysterious illnesses, suffocation of sunlight causing a lack of vitamin D and pollution of our air supply being obvious attributes of chem-trails, Cara helps deepens our understanding of other possible agendas on the horizon. Listen a Cara explains that our DNA is evolving and the the implications this may have.
1:113:15 Switching gears a bit, Greg and Cara discuss the damaging effects of both fracking and Fukushima  in what has been described by Cara as an attack on water. According to Viktor Schauberger, water is a live sentient thing, holding the memories of the planet.
1:15:00 Greg and Cara explore a new field of interest among researchers known as the Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect can be described as someone having a clear memory of something that never happened in the reality, suggesting our reality may be jumping infinite timelines or dimensions.
1:21:00 Listen as Greg and Cara confer on the possibility of historical manipulation dovetailing with scientific manipulation. As Cara explains, we live in a world of “scientism”, where today’s manipulated science is such an absolute belief, it begins to mimic religious zealotry.
1:25:00 What’s next? Greg asks Cara for her best advice for incorporating people into this new paradigm, and the best way to help others build a connection to this New Chronology.
1:30:30 Greg and Cara discuss her most recent conference in Vienna and her investigation into the rising number of child abductions through the guise of German and Austrian child protective services.
1:40:00 As thing wind down, Greg and Cara discuss where is research is taking her next. Cara explains her next venture will be into how humans sustain themselves and biophotonic energy.

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