As many of you know, I had to switch the subscription management software I use for Plus because it became incompatible with the latest version of WordPress. The transition wasn’t 100% smooth but I thought we had the kinks worked out.

Unfortunately, the developer I hired to make the transition accidentally reset everyone’s access cycle to the day of the switch. (Feb 12th) I didn’t realize I was sitting on a 30 day ticking time bomb until I woke up on March 12th to MANY emails about Plus access issues. It took me a while to even figure out exactly what happened, and how it fix it manually.

Now that I know, I’m going through every account 1 by 1 and copying in the correct data from everyone’s payment profile. Payments have been unaffected, it’s only this alignment between payment cycles and access cycles. It’s probably going to take me at least the rest of the day, but everyone’s access issues should be fixed by morning and then I can get to what we all really want, and roll out a new show! I apologize for the trouble, thanks for sticking with me!

Big thanks to for their cover of the THC theme song!

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31 responses to “Attn: Plus People”

  1. Loves ya, Greg. I appreciate you putting so much time and effort into this. Sincerely, It’s a fantastic podcast with a killer format. I wish you a whole lotta good stuff.

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  2. err- maybe its just the change of format- before the tweak last month- it showed when my next sub was due and reflected the price correctly from the price rise for Plus midway through last year-

    Now, my sub is showing the Old price, before the Plus price rise … might wanna check that….

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  3. Greg I don’t even care if I go up to $8 from $5. Just keep bringing your best. And please don’t get too close to Joe Rogan’s circle…or I might become suspicious.

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  4. Daaaang, good news & bad news haha. Just in time to sign in on Podcast Republic from my new S10 ????

    At least I know the difficulties aren’t all on my end ????

    Thanks for the heads up!!

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  5. Hey Greg, can you look into getting Jessa Reed from Mormon and the Meth-head on the podcast? She’s been on tinfoil hat with Sam Tripoli. She is apparently an alien contactee who has had some interesting anomalous consciousness experiences as well as apparently some magic experience.

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  6. You poor bastard . . .
    I do website work and this sort of thing is my worst nightmare. Thanks for your kindness in dealing with my griping and for how well you’ve communicated the issue.
    Onward . . .

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  7. Maybe I’m lucky.. I haven’t noticed anything.. Thanks for the heads up though..
    On a side note the Trineday talk was excellent and I’ve put a waking up colleague onto the the Trineday website.. he can see its not just me and there is other info out there!
    Thanks Greg.. really really enjoy the info you provide. 🙂

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  8. Thanks, Man, and I apologize for hunting down the phone number. I assume email is “E-gnored. The show on Lyme was so fascinating that I was trying to listen to it a second time when I encountered the problem. No worries.

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  9. Much appreciation for the quick and speedy response about what exactly happened. I paid for my monthly sub and then was locked out of my account… so I just bout a 6 month membership to see if that would fix the problem – it did. Guess it wasn’t the issue tho lol.

    Welp… now ya got a new bi-yearly subscriber instead of a monthly one haha. Great content lately,
    As always

    ✌️ – BudSport

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