Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks freedom, self-governance, and dissolving the State, with guest, Adam Kokesh.
While we are all acutely aware of the uphill battle that must be fought in order to overcome the constant combat to our consciousness, many may differ on the best possible solutions to solve such a severe crisis. Yes, indeed there is a battle being waged throughout multiple fronts that appears hopelessly inescapable.  From the systemic indoctrination through the school systems, to the wage slave scheme, it is painfully obvious that we are living in a broken system designed to indenture the masses. And while recognizing these oppressive inadequacies may be the first step on the road to recovery, what comes next is typically a more open to question.
Today’s guest, Adam Kokesh, has been a resolute figurehead of the Libertarian movement. As the author of “FREEDOM!”, and host of the popular show “Adam Vs. The Man”, Kokesh has been a passionate activist upon his return from the Iraq War. Today, Kokesh joins The Higherside to educate us on the violent role of the federal government and detail how he believes a society rooted in personal responsibility is the most viable option to restore freedom and circumvent oppression.
2:22 As an activist, author and champion of causes ranging from Iraq Veterans Against the War to gun rights, Kokesh has a rich and complex history of advocacy. Greg and Adam begin by walking through a few experiences that helped set him on a path to activism. Adam explains, his experience of Libertarianism began as far back as high school, slowly proliferated into a more philosophical perspective, and eventually expanded into an ethical examination of our society and political system. Kokesh also elaborates on how his military experience facilitated his disenfranchisement, the circumstances that lead to his 2010 Congressional campaign, and the inspiration behind his book “FREEDOM!”.
9:42 Adam discusses how his activism landed him in jail. He begins by elaborating on the catalyst that put him on the radar, his Youtube video “Freedom Plaza”, in which he loads a shotgun in close proximity to the White House. As a passionate proponent of gun rights, Kokesh articulates on how he believes matters such as gun control should be decided and what the future holds for technological advances in weaponry.
14:37 Greg and Adam debate the merits of gun rights and whether gun control should be deemed a violent policy, or if the very presence of weapons can be considered an act of aggression.
19:50 Despite understanding the elite’s agenda to create a fearful and obedient society, using false flags and coordinated acts of terrorism being sold as random chaos, escaping the campaign of mass manipulation can be difficult. And, while we would love to believe it is only institutionalized acts of bloodshed that pose the real threat to public safety, stupidity is another factor that cannot be ignored. Adam examines not simply the tools of violence, but the prevalence of violence in society, and how it’s foundation is rooted in the nefarious actions of governments worldwide. He also addresses critiques of this anti-government perspective and offers possible approaches to achieving this Libertarian utopia.
27:00 Kokesh clarifies the finer points on how we can ensure everyone evolves equally and there is a shift in paradigm even with the absence of an enforcement class. He also analyzes the ways in which agents of chaos and disruptors of the natural order can be managed in the absence of a central control mechanism.
30:00 While Adam contends that the real problem lies in government and the decentralization of power is the only viable solution, Greg questions if the nefarious acts attributed to government may in fact be the corrupt conduct of wealthy industrialists, corporate lobbyists, and corporate control in the governing process.
41:44 As a firm believer that all taxation is theft, and ultimately violence, Adam elaborates on this perspective and explains how the loss of representation in taxation is truly the underlying issue, and the social contract of pitching in for the betterment of community shouldn’t be a requirement or law.
47:00 Greg and Adam continue discussing the philosophy of Voluntaryism, the ways it can be an effective tool, and the shortfalls of human generosity in a freewill society.
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