For good or ill, I’m best known for my book The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic Mind Control and The Manson Family Mythos. The good part being that a week hardly ever passes by without someone praising me for the book, either through email or Facebook. So it‘s been my meal ticket for many years, and a large reason for whatever meager fame has come my way.

Now the bad part is that I’ll be forever known as “the Manson guy”, although my research has really gone into a multitude of different directions over the years, as meanwhile my interest in Manson has continued to wane to the point where I hardly even bother trying to stay up on the subject anymore.

shadow-over-santa-susana-black-magic-mind-control-adam-gorightly-paperback-cover-artWith all that being said, I came across this youtube review of The Shadow Over Santa Susana a couple years ago that really touched my heart in that it compared my book to a crack fix for Mansonoids, or something to that effect. Enjoy!

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