Recently, I posted about my amazing meteor sighting in Fresno, CA in mid February.

But seeing strange things in the sky of ol’ Fresno started much earlier for this intrepid reporter, as recounted in the following letter to UFO researcher Jenny Randles, written in the late 80s.


Dear Ms. Jenny Randles,

I would like to relate an experience that happened to myself and a colleague in 1979 in Fresno, CA. Let me preface this statement by saying that we were under the influence of the hallucinogenic drug, LSD. But hear me out: these are not the ravings of a drug-saturated fruitcake; I am not an habitual drug user, nor have I used LSD for several years. But to deny that I was not under its influence when this incident occurred would be to give an incomplete account of what transpired on that fateful night.

On the night in question—fully under the influence of said drug—we observed several ‘flying saucers’, in several shapes, sizes and multicolored variations. I am not denying that what we saw were hallucinations, but if they were, then they were ‘dual hallucinations’, for we both saw the same sights and sounds.

Now, a brief description of this event: The sighting occurred along a levee located in a residential section of town. Before we arrived at the levee (we were on foot) we joked to ourselves about how we might see a UFO during our little ‘trip’. We laughed to ourselves (somewhat uncontrollably) how no one would ever believe us due to the condition we were in. Anyway, after walking a short time on the levee, we saw our first ‘UFO’. The sight of this made me fall to one knee and we were both astounded by its sight. During the course of the night we saw several, anywhere from six to eight. One was cigar shaped, some saucer shaped, one with a multi-colored propeller. This all occurred in the span of not more than an hour and a half, I think, though the passing of time was hard to estimate due to the effects of the drug.

The last one we saw appeared like a falling star in the sky that seemed to stop in mid-descent, then turned into a space ship, or whatever it was. After the sighting of this ‘UFO’ we turned around and headed back, the way we came.

Now I realize the descriptions I am giving are sketchy, but in retrospect it seemed almost like a dream, everything happening so fast. If I were to describe every little detail, I’d be here all night. So I’ll try to wrap it up and sum up the experience in a few more words.

When we arrived back at the point where we saw the first UFO, a beam of light shot down directly in front of us some 50 yards away, emanating from nothing we could see. I said, “Wow, did you see that?” and my colleague responded that he saw it, too. Of course, we said things like, “Wow, did you see that?” and, “Oh, my God!” many times that night. Through the whole experience, we felt a presence communicating non-verbally to us. Obviously, we were the only ones who saw ‘them’. There were many houses in the vicinity, with many people living there who could have seen ‘them’, but it appears that ‘they’ were for our eyes only. Perhaps ‘they’ were hallucinations, but if they were, it was a ‘dual hallucination’, for we both saw the same thing.

If you get the chance, write me and comment upon these ‘dual hallucinations’.

Best Wishes,
Adam Gorightly


Adam Gorightly and Joe Hook around the time of their UFO encounter, circa 1979.
Joe, second from the left. Adam on the far right.

Here is an episode from my old Untamed Dimensions podcast where Joe Hook and I reminisced about our psychedelic UFO encounter of yore.