“The Rupert the Anti-Christ Chronicles”

One of the main reasons I signed on as podcast guest host and blogger here at THC was not only to get a free conspiracy tee, but also because this contingent of degenerate dope smoking youngsters is willing to mix in some humor with what has traditionally been a somewhat stuffy and uptight crowd, that being the conspiracy research scene, who have — for the most part — been reticent to dabble in humor for fear that it would cause them to not be taken seriously.

But since I don’t give a hoot whether I’m taken seriously, I created a character named Rupert the Anti-Christ around 2008 or so, who eventually went on to run a hugely unsuccessful presidential campaign with Bigfoot as his running mate. Go figure.

Here for your possible listening enjoyment is the Rupert the Anti-Christ Chronicles. Vote Rupert in 2016!



These Rupert audio snippets appeared on my friend Greg Bishop’s Radio Misterioso radio show.