The following is a short interview I conducted for UFO Magazine in 2012 with next week’s THC guest, Andy.

A Few Minutes With Andy Colvin

Adam Gorightly: Certain sources inform me that you have solved the UFO mystery, or are making serious inroads in this regard. Could you share your discoveries?

Andy Colvin:  If we were sitting in the Bombay Beach Bar next to the Salton Sea, as we were in Dec. 2010 (when I first announced that the flying saucer mystery had been at least partially solved), I would say, yes, we have discovered some definite clues about the “synthetic” side of the phenomenon. We also know quite a bit about the “natural” UFO phenomenon, too, although we will probably never be able to construct the math for how it operates. That level of knowledge may exist so far down into the subatomic realm and, simultaneously, so far out into the macro realm (of outer space and the galactic universe), that we may only be able to measure it through the “subjective” experience of mind. This is the kind of thing, however, that the MIB probably do not want us to know about or to practice – how to comprehend and understand the universe using freely available sources. This is what the shamans do when they go deeply into trance and ask plants and animals for information. This is essentially what Phil Dick was talking about in his fiction, and it is what my art was all about, as well as my recent nonfiction – escaping from what Dick called the “Black Iron Prison.” Mothman, whom I feel exists in the “natural” realm (not synthetic), seems to be a guide for this process.

A.G.  So what are the clues you discovered regarding what you call “synthetic” UFO’s? I assume you are talking about man-made crafts, hidden technology and the like?

A.C. Yes. But the “terrestrial thesis” is not new. All I’ve done is coalesce some of these older ideas with newer things I have found during the course of my research. I’ve looked at old UFO magazines and I have made some recent discoveries about companies that were running the secret facilities in the Ohio Valley, which were probably building these flying saucers. Laurence Rockefeller was running the TNT Area, more or less. This is where we had the biggest UFO flap ever. The saucers were flying on a regular schedule, in and out of Pt. Pleasant. Later, when the Rockefeller UFO study came out, the Ohio Valley flap – happening right under his nose – was completely left out.

After WWII, the terrestrial thesis was one of the most common beliefs about UFOs – that they had been developed by the Nazis. No one knew that Tesla had originally developed the idea, and that his ideas had seemingly been stolen by the Rockefeller-Morgan syndicate and had somehow found their way to Germany. As soon as we began tinkering with those designs after the war, and bringing in the Paperclip scientists from Germany, the media stopped discussing the terrestrial thesis. The occupants of the craft, who had originally been described as human, were no longer discussed in the media. Over time, the occupants were worked back in to the legend, but they were changed to “little green men” or “humanoids from outer space.”

Eventually the little green men won out, but they were tweaked a bit, into “grey aliens.” There were also flirtations with “monsters” in association with flying saucers, such as with Bigfoot. Looking at this scientifically, Persinger and Grof proved that it’s easy to get people to see the face of the “grey alien” by exposing them to certain EM frequencies or drugs. It has been easy for the spooks to mimic any “interdimensional” or archetypal entities that may actually exist. It is also possible that these craft can emit certain frequencies that cause the percipient to “see” certain creatures. Anything that a human crew might do to the witness will only be remembered as an encounter with aliens or a creature like Bigfoot.

There have been rumors of NSA research at so-called “vortex” sites, such as near Institute, WV, where the MJ-12 Aviary was reportedly doing “Bluebeam” research (at West Virginia State College). Stanford Research Institute was also doing research in Institute and in Ohio, at the Mounds Lab. Mind control scientist Andrija Puharich, of the Council of Nine and various CIA hijinks, was interfacing with SRI in Ohio, performing remote viewing experiments there. The notorious spaceman-MIB, Indrid Cold, lived just outside of Institute. Today, Institute’s Bayer CropScience plant is behind the big push for “fracking” and “cracking.” They want the contracts for processing the increased natural gas being extracted from backyards all over Ohio. Fracking was, in fact, invented near Institute in the 1970s, at Union Carbide’s Tech Center in S. Charleston, where Mothman was once seen. Arco (now owned by BP) was helping Carbide run the facility, which is rumored to have housed the world’s first nuclear reactor. Charlie Manson lived right across the river from the Tech Center.

A.G. Well, that’s a lot to digest, and for the casual reader they probably got a little lost with some of these later connections to Manson and fracking…Let’s get back to the Rockefeller connection. So, if I’m following you, what you’re saying is that your core discovery — as to the true nature of synthetic or man-made UFO’s — is that they are an operation funded clandestinely by the Rockefeller Family, and their ultimate purpose is what, exactly? Is this like a New World Order scenario type of thing? Are the saucers here as part of some mass psyop?

A.C. The saucers aren’t the psyop, necessarily. The “ET Thesis” is the psyop. The saucers are just an incredibly amazing invention (the “drone”) that will change the course of political and social life, due to the increased surveillance capabilities. They are already talking about putting various exotic weapons in these drones. No doubt some of them will have some of the older weapons that can be seen in the old saucer stories: beams that come out and burn the unlucky victim. No doubt these beams were behind the rash of “lightning strike” victims at chemical plants in the area during the Mothman era.

The sailors who had been relocated to our valley from Norfolk, who might known something about the Philadelphia Experiment (like my dad), may have been chosen to be the guinea pigs for such experimentation. Not only do you remove the witnesses, but you test a new weapon on them! My dad may have been shot with one of those flechettes (poison-tipped nylon bullets) that were taken from the Houma bunkers by Gordon Novel and David Ferrie (most likely Mothman’s “Frightwig” man). Both of those guys were in the area, along with William L. Moore and the reputed Grassy Knoll shooter, Fred Crisman.

Our old friend Rod MacKenzie, who claims to have been running a safehouse for the assassins, told me personally that West Virginia was a good place to “hide out.” He was actually in the area as well at that time, traveling incognito with one of the major circuses. I believe it was Ringling Bros. MacKenzie thinks that the Spahn Ranch situation with Manson was a DIA operation, by the way. Crisman, Novel, and Ferrie were probably DIA, as well as Kerry Thornley and the notorious Paines. Since DIA was running the secret op in the TNT Area, it would make sense that some of these high-profile spooks would be around. I have a theory that Mothman’s prophecies about the RFK and MLK assassinations were transmitted because those assassinations were being planned in the area. Some of the weirder MIB sightings were obvious attempts to be “remembered,” so it is possible they were trying to set up patsies for these hits.

As far as the Rockefellers go, we have no evidence of who funded what. They were in the mix, but the money trail has been obscured. In some of his more obscure articles, John Keel was constantly using Naziesque phraseology to describe the “reason” for the UFOs. He would dramatically refer to some “final solution” that was being planned. He often would just say that their intent was to “take over the world.” He liked to point out that this was some sort of well financed, private group or foreign entity. He didn’t believe the U.S. government was involved, but I think that might have been wishful thinking. Technically, the invention of the saucers – if it came from Tesla – is American, since this is where he was at the time. The financing was American, too. Saucers were essentially put “on loan” to the Nazis for development and testing, which was made cheaper by the use of forced labor. Similarly, some of our experimental fuels and metals were sent to Germany during WWII, from places like the Institute plant. One of the few places that could compete with the free labor in Germany was West Virginia, where wages are traditionally among the lowest.

Even the idea of genocide may have been exported to Germany, since the Nazis had initially been stimulated by a eugenics program called the Indiana Plan. It was developed in Indiana in the aftermath of the Civil War. Somewhere along the way, it was discovered that the idea of “outer space” people could be mixed with various fears, such as that of a nuclear apocalypse, to create an effective “terror” mix in the minds of the citizenry. The space people were used to generate the anti-nuclear movement, in fact. On the surface it looked “progressive,” but it was actually an attempt to keep other countries from getting the bomb.

This is an issue that is still playing out today, with Iran. Iran wants the bomb. Recently, they released a photo of one of their own flying saucers. They also captured one of our drones. Iran is very important, because this is where the Nazis believed they originally came from. The Nazi interest in Tibet also relates to Iran, since Tibet was originally settled by Iranians. They worshipped a Goddess in Iran but, after they moved to Tibet, the Goddess was overthrown and replaced, eventually, by the Buddha. To make a long story short, the “feud” with Iran may really be a feud over the “heart” and “soul” of the alienated mindset that once drove the Nazi party.

A.G.  So drones are, in essence, the latest and greatest Nazi UFO’s, which were created with Yankee ingenuity here in the good ‘ol USA! I know we’ve only scratched the surface Andy, but if people want to find out more about your research, where should we direct them?

A.C. The best thing would be to go to Amazon and get the Mothman’s Photographer books, plus Mothman Speaks. Those are on Kindle as well as paperback. Also, check out my blog at or my Facebook page. We also have the Mothy Talk discussion group on Facebook, which includes some real heavy hitters in the paranormal and conspiracy fields.

A.G. Thanks, Andy! Moth on!