Top notch astrologer, Robert Phoenix, joins THC to explain the mechanisms of Astrology and walk us through extrapolating insight from the stars.

In the free one hour show, we talk about the Elite’s use of Astrology, and the symbolism they’ve coded into world events that proves they are very interested in a field that’s largely projected as silliness in the mainstream. Robert schools us on what he calls the “Malaysian Flight Death Ritual,” the Elite’s Gemini Program that very well may have flipped us from the enlightening Age of Aquarius into a darker alternative timeline ruled by the shadowy puppet masters, and the symbolic attack on water. We also discuss the plethora of Horse/Neptune references this year, which is the Year of the Horse in the Chinese Zodiac.

In the second hour, we get more into the details of the Elite’s Gemini Program, and how 9/11 may have been a more modern “anchoring” of said timeline. Robert also reads Israel’s birth chart and give us the insight of the stars, into what we should see in global politics in the near future and beyond. (Be VERY wary of August 25th and the surrounding days!) We end the show with my birth chart as a detailed example of what an astrological reading would look like for those interested, and I also ask Robert for a little astrological insight for the audience into the dates and windows that would best nurture someone who wished to take a leap from corporate life and pursue passions of their own. Plan accordingly!

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