They joy of getting knocked off your path

Hello again my loyal devotees! I’m sorry if my regular blog entries were your only spiritual refuge from the dark sorcery of the criminal cabal. I have been on a hiatus from my creative work. My lack of creative output was based on conditions all too common in our society. Put simply, I was overworked, underpaid, and barely getting by. All this energy I was allocating to my job was burning the same fuel needed for my creative expression. The result of this building frustration was a whirlwind of change where I left my job I was clinging to, and again jumped willingly into the unknown. By letting go of the job that was perpetuating my frustration and lack of creative expression I was able to immediately step into a new reality with a new set of concerns. In this age, jobs come and go and there is no need to cling to a particular job for identity as was common in previous generations. Seriously, if your job pisses you off and you want to change it up what is stopping you?!

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It can be easy to get stuck on a set path mainly because the routine is comforting when compared to the chaos of an abrupt change. People voluntarily work full time jobs devoting nearly all of their energy towards a job that causes them suffering while privately feeling that their “real” life exists outside of work. We try to keep it together when really we are being pulled apart. I don’t understand the 40 hour workweek because almost everyone I know who works full time has a high stress-to-happiness ratio. Happiness is usually located outside of work, but stress occurs both at work and at home. Honestly evaluate your own stress-to-happiness ratio and prioritize what you enjoy doing.
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Once you feel the pressure of keeping it together bottling up, it may be time to let go of control. By letting go of that which we cling to, we trigger an awakening that we have been getting in our own way. Letting go gives us the gratifying loss of control that is so feared and misunderstood. The struggle comes from those desperately trying to control the unforeseeable future. Relaxing into your loss of control will put you in a better position to see what opportunities are now presenting themselves to you. Allow yourself some transition time before again listening to that voice that says you must cling to something for protection.
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You are going to be fine! Don’t just take my word for it; put yourself to the test. When you rise to meet new challenges you become heroic. You have been knocked off the path you thought you were on many times and you have recovered. Not all paths we are on lead us towards happiness. In my experience, it is beneficial to locate when you’re on the wrong path and to knock yourself off that path. After the dust settles, you may be glad or you may come to regret it. Both responses are valid, but if the first path alteration didn’t work out then it’s probably time for another. Mistakes will be forgiven. Explore yourself on new paths. New aspects of yourself may emerge, and you may surface other aspects you had forgotten about. There is no sense in struggling to maintain a position that continually produces stress and diminishes happiness. To quote David Bowie, “Turn, and face the strange ch-ch-changes”.