Practicing Awareness


This week, I am breaking from the normal tone and format of my blog in an effort to share some raw truth that I try to live by. I have been reading some great books which have inspired my latest thoughts- The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell and Tao: The Watercourse Way by Alan Watts. This entry was written as a stream of conscious and could be read as a poem. I consider this sound spiritual advice, and it’s a lot more practical and applicable than anything I ever learned in church.

Pay attention. Notice your patterns. Question negative thought forms. Quiet your mind when it obsesses. Break free spontaneously from cyclical thinking. Breathe deep. Think before speaking slang habitually. Practice mindfulness. Choose your words wisely. Notice surroundings. See nature as your extended self. Feel. Be true to your emotions. Remain unstuck. Mind starts racing again? Notice it. Break free. Breathe. Exhale. Practice giving thanks. Complain less. Be aware and present with others. Listen. Focus. Don’t think of what you’re going to say next. Don’t daydream while they are speaking. Breathe. Listen. Be in the moment. Look for clues. Enjoy the mystery. Take notes. Do what you’re ashamed of doing. Explore the unknown. Navigate uncharted inner terrain. Receive unexpected gifts. Listen to the unspoken truth. Follow what you feel in the moment. Keep hidden that which others wouldn’t understand. Don’t do. Be. Don’t look at screens for 5 minutes. Look at trees. Sit in the sun.

quieter you become, more you can listen

Live in accordance with the course of the day. Allow your body to change with the seasons. Release attachments to fixed outcomes. Notice the chronology of unfolding events. Look for patterns. Record dreams. Find your pleasure. Spend some time inside your body. Notice your bad posture. When sick, write down what you have been eating. Eat more food, less packaged food. Eat what is grown, not what is sold to you. Plant a seed. Speak with your direct community. Use the internet to find recipes. Youtube beginner videos for whatever it is that you have a passion to do but haven’t started yet. Start from where you are. Make mistakes. Overcome obstacles. Believe in yourself. Know that you can learn. Try new things. Acquire less stuff. Abandon that which doesn’t suit you anymore. Be honest with what you don’t want to be.

nothing to hold onto

Turn off the tv long enough and all of these things become easy. The path to becoming who you want to be is unfolding now. Awareness, trust, and mindfulness will get you far. Develop your own practices. Grow from where you are into new directions. Approach your personal truth and allow what is revealed to you to be incorporated into your life. Question all theories. Entertain foreign ideas without instantly accepting or rejecting them. Practice doubt. Practice trusting the flow and going with it. “Would have, should have, wish I hadn’t” never existed. Worry less. Focus more on your breath. Realize the experience can’t be controlled. Accept the changes that occur. Continually re-evaluate your plans. Develop a genuine interest in your own life. Let your passions drive you. Reflect on events. Reflect about what triggers mood changes. Go with your gut.