The great Freeman Fly and his Wife Jamie return to THC to talk about the last few awards shows and what insight we can get from the symbols and imagery used during the big performances.  We also talk about the interface between cutting-edge technology and the occult which we’ve seen several times throughout history and again in modern times with CERN and other projects.

In the Plus show, we talk more about other areas of tech magick: Mind transfer technology, clones, AI, quantum computing, and more. Then we swing back into Jamie’s wheelhouse to talk about the work she’s been doing on Beyonce and some insights into her life as a high priestess of monarch slaves. Boom.

You can check out the hours and hours of great stuff Freeman and Jamie do at or click some of these links below to get to specific pieces of Jamie’s work that were relevant to today’s show:

Beyonce: The Queen B –

The 2015 Super Bowl – Grammy Ritual Spectacle –

Some photos from the Don Peyote Tour we took together summer of 2014: