The Bilderberg Conference in an annual secret meeting of the most powerful global elite. If you want to read more about it, please, click here:

However, while the world’s elite mingle, bang kidnapped children, and plan out our pathedic futures, I thought I’d offer the world what the world needs: A T-shirt sale.

If you weren’t yet aware, while I do run this website and The Higherside Chats podcast, I also recently started a conspiracy themed t-shirt company, with the goal of having designs that are both  stylish and thought provoking. While this is very early into the brand, it’s something I’m super pumped about starting, because I don’t know of any other brands that have gone deep into the underground world of conspiracy and alternative news and been able to maintain a sense of quality and (to me) cool style. It’s been a rough start, but here we are. For the next 3 days, while the Bilderberg Conference is in session, all the ConspiraTees designs will be 15% off! So if you’ve liked anything I do here, instead of charging a subscription for “special” podcasts, or asking for donations routinely, I’d just like to sell you a T-shirt I made at an honest price. Can we do that?

Thanks Higherside Chatters!